The jewelry brand STATEMENT opens its first flagship store in Paris

Faithful to her credo, that of offering “armor jewelry rather than finery,” Amélie Huynh has designed her first boutique as a futuristic showcase. Discovery.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

For this space, the creator of the jewelry brand STATEMENT has imagined a multiple experience, both physical and digital, fusing to perfection the creative influences that nourish her universe.

Passionate about architecture and more particularly about brutalist trends, Amélie Huynh has chosen the materiality of cement to dress her precious bastion. Treated in facetted masses, the space unfolds in an addition of singular and imposing volumes to the enveloping chromatic palette.

While the brand’s flagship seduces with its futuristic look, it elevates the game by offering the surprise of a digital experience. A veritable hunting ground for the heroine ALYH, the jewelry case STATEMENT is an invitation to dive into the digital universe created by the artist Thomas Traum under the creative direction of Régis Tosetti. You will be surprised to interact with this muse of a new genre who magnifies the brand’s half-jewelry half-armour creations.

Necklace UNCHAINED in silver – STATEMENT

In this profoundly modernist place, jewelry appears more than ever as an extension of the self, a sign of freedom and affirmation that one claims with pride. At STATEMENT, femininity is embodied through a new kind of jewelry vocabulary, combining silver and diamonds.

My Way, Rock Away, Anyway…The brand’s emblematic creations are to be (re)discovered in this first address as luxurious as it is radical, in the image of the STATEMENT woman.

MY WAY ring in silver and diamonds – STATEMENT
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