Men can wear diamonds and they should thanks to Stone Paris

Bliss, Blood Diamonds and Gatsby embed an exclusive collection of strong masculine energy entwined with powerful symbolism set with mixing diamonds and gold in the latest Stone Paris collection called HOMMES.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Ten years after the first introduction of her brand STONE, Marie Poniatowski ventures into the daring world of jewelry for men drawing inspiration from the same symbols that we have been seeing in her work until now. Designing more masculine pieces without compromising the inherent elegance of jewelry in general has always been a challenge and the uber-connected-Parisian designer rises to the challenge in an unimaginable way.

The severe and symbolic collection makes an official entrance into the world of male accessories with its unique charm and austere sensibility. Drawing from Marie’s signature motifs the new designs have been revamped to appear more masculine and contained in terms of detailing and appearance. A cleaner shape is noticed in the Blood Diamonds spiked cross featured on a pair of cufflinks. The Bliss bangles and house signet rings have been redesigned to appear edgier and less flamboyant.

Each of the eleven pieces tells a story that is equal parts rock and romance, offering a bold departure from the direction of previous seasons that were defined by their delicate contouring. The fresh, minimal style works well with the spiked cross shape and balances out its severity. Refinement and elegance are the two signature trains of all pieces crafted by Marie Poniatowski and the ones include in the Stone Homme Collection make no exception. They are modern, wearable and complementing – three factors that are defining of the style of the contemporary man. The Blood Diamonds element is consistently displayed throughout the entire range and brings in a note of discreet archaic charm.

Stone Paris Bliss Collection - Black gold and White diamond
Stone Paris – Bliss Collection – Black gold and White diamond


Stone Paris Blood Diamonds collection - Gold cross with black diamonds
Stone Paris – Blood Diamonds collection – Gold cross with black diamonds


Stone Paris Gatsby Collection - Black gold cufflinks with diamonds
Stone Paris – Gatsby Collection – Black gold cufflinks with diamonds


The sharper, rockier models exhibit a controlled combination of forms, patterns and nuances to achieve absolute precision and architectural aesthetic. For her foray into men’s jewelry, the designer deemed appropriate to combine rose, yellow or black gold lace to subtly enhance the diamonds in the statement pieces. Some of the more eye-catching models from the collection are the Leather and Gold Blood Diamonds bracelet, which prove to be a remarkably successful combination – one that is sure to appeal to the most retained and practical male nature. The Signet Ring – a bold creation of gold and diamonds that has spirit and presence.

It is evident that the close collaboration of the designer with her friend and confidante – journalist Fabrice Léonard – has produced a line that is inherently masculine to its very core: very matter-of-fact and concise in the message they carry. If abundance and playful exploration of opposites are the driving forces behind the craftsmanship of female accessories, the male world is ruled by practical severity, reason and austere sensibility. These three components are the corner stones of the male identity and brilliantly recreated in the refined finesse and strong presence of the Stone Homme collection. The appearance of the dagger cross motif throughout the range enforces the imprint of masculine energy and spirit without appearing ostentatious. Thus, a contemporary style of wearable and authentic vision of minimalism and refined elegance is formed to elicit the same passion and desire in men as well as women – all under the same brand: Stone Paris.

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