Gypsy ring – Watermelon tourmaline pink gold

2,970  exc. tax

14 Carat Rose Gold

Made in California

Each piece is unique and each stone has a quality in lithotherapy

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Success – Vitality – Strength

The precious pigments of this magnificent stone possess unsuspected powers.

Watermelon Tourmaline gets its name from its crystals that combine pink on the inside and green on the outside, like a watermelon.

It promotes a sense of security and ease. It is conducive to an easy speech, and disinhibits shy people. The love and friendship relationships are more fluid.

It is a “hot” stone, a real love potion, which, by its curative power treats emotional wounds while making penetrate there powerful love flows which it externalizes in the joy. It makes its holders more emphatic, sensitive and affectionate.

It is a pure, noble rock, enemy of confusion and bad thoughts.

It guides its owner on the way of charisma and eloquence. It washes away his dark thoughts and simplifies his relationship with the world. Ideas, thoughts and words can then be expressed freely and clearly, facilitating relationships with others.


A stone as powerful as it is gentle, it is the ideal combination to facilitate the opening of the heart and self-love.

Chakra linked to the Heart.