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2,950  exc. tax

The PARIS strap is mounted on a double 18 carat gold chain 40cm long on each side surmounted by rubies, sapphires, peridot, emeralds, citrines, tourmalines, labradorites … surmounted by a herkimer diamond: a crystal to balance the energies.

Triple use: glasses strap, colored necklace, mask holder.

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The trend is to colors, and pearls are in the spotlight. Maison Romae offers a collection of eyeglass straps made exclusively by hand.

Each of the two ends of the Strap ends in a rubber tip attached to a clasp on which each eyeglass temple is slipped to make sure you never lose them, put them down and forget them.

The use of these clasps allows a triple use, because once the tips are removed:

You can hang the two clasps together and transform your eyeglass strap into a colored necklace. Ideally, place the herkimer diamond in the hollow of the neck.

You can clip the branches of your mask to the clasps so that you always have it to wear it with your hands in these times, it’s practical!

Each strap comes with 3 pairs of rubber tips in different sizes and colors (black and transparent).