August birthstone: Peridot

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Each fragrance has been developed in an olfactory laboratory based in Grasse – the mecca of the fragrance industry – only using natural essences, making the Maison Romae candle suitable for migraine sufferers.

You will find in each August candle a pear-cut peridot of roughly 2 carats inside the 100% organic beewax & soybean. 13,5 oz- Burning time : 85 hours
Hand-made in France.

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You will find in each August candle a pear-cut peridot of roughly 2 carats inside the 100% organic beewax & soybean. 13,5 oz- Burning time : 85 hours.
Hand-made in France. The case contains a pair of jewelry tweezers that can be used to remove the gemstone, which can be stored in the box provided until you have it set in a piece of jewelry or just to keep it safe.

The ROMAE fragrance takes you on a refined and sensual olfactory voyage, with a warm, woody scent and a hint of citrus. It also features cinnamon, amber, and blood orange notes. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday, a milestone event, or an accomplishment.

The HELLO BABY line offers a powdery trip through childhood, with scents of almond and musk that recall the softness of a baby’s skin. It’s the perfect idea for a unique way to celebrate a birth: the new mom receives a protective stone for her baby’s birth month that she can either keep for herself of give to her child when they’re older.


HELLO BABY with almond and musk fragrances, ROMAE with amber, blood orange and amber fragrances