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Mosaic Ruby Pendant

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32,800.00  exc. tax

Fabergé Treasures, a charismatic and diverse collection of jewellery and objects, frequently one-off, is inspired by the Fabergé ethos of embarking on a new adventure, striking a different path and making something that stands apart.

Mosaic Ruby Pendant features invisibly-set princess cut Mozambican rubies set in 18 karat rose gold. The egg pendant is 26mm. The 18 karat rose gold chain is adorned with Mozambican rubies and white diamonds.

18kt rose gold 284 princess cut rubies = 45.31ct (Mozambique) egg size = 26mm chain: 18k rose gold 50cm chain 6 round white diamonds = 0.28ct 6 princess cut rubies = 0.43ct (Mozambique) 2 round rubies = 0.10ct (Mozambique)

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