Tabbah reinvents the art of stacking with its New Looks collection

Tabbah joaillerie

Although the Lebanese jeweler can boast world renown, acquired through its sumptuous creations, its ambition doesn’t end there. Its focus: the Millennial generation which it intends to seduce with its fun-filled, interchangeable pieces.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The 1862-founded Tabbah is one of these rare institutions which weave their way through the decades without ever becoming outdated. Its secret? To perfectly capture the spirit of the times and bank on creativity. By keeping the family heritage open to modernity, ensures it bears its fruit. And, this is not the first time that the jeweler has grasped hold of opportunities from history. Originally, the Tabbah family was specialized in engraving clichés to create printed patterned silk. An expertise which Joseph Tabbah decided to then apply to metals, such as gold and silver, and would become renowned for his delicate, filigree creations. Over the years, Tabbah became a high-jewelry expert, with one-of-a-kind pieces, acknowledged for the quality of their craftsmanship and richness of the work.

In 2011, the jeweler made a lasting, unforgettable impression with a collar necklace adorned with diamonds and pearls whose design resembled a caressing wave. A harmoniously-flowing piece which Princess Charlene wore when she married HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Although it appears to be part of Tabbah’s genetic makeup to witness precious moments, the Lebanese jeweler also wishes to address the desires of the new generation. An expectation which Nagib Tabbah, representative of the 5th generation of the family and current Artistic Director of the brand, very quickly identified. A father of two grown-up daughters, he willingly admits his dilemma when he visited a store to purchase a gift for their birthday and left empty-handed without having found “the” jewelry which would definitely delight them. This realization led him to imagine a new collection, comprising modern-styled pieces, easy to accessorize and which could be added to at wish.

With New Looks, the jeweler proves that fun knows no limits. You just have to take your pick from any of the 7 lines to create your perfect look: Reptila, the talisman snake-inspired collection, Aquatica with its meandering lines, not forgetting B-Glam with its graphical, glam-rock looked, stone-set pieces. 

Tabbah creations can be discovered exclusively at Printemps as of this coming April.

Tabbah - B Collection-Glam
Tabbah – B Collection-Glam
Tabbah - Reptilia Collection
Tabbah – Reptilia Collection
Tabbah - Aquatica Collection
Tabbah – Aquatica Collection
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