Precious bubbles for the new Bollicine collection by DoDo

The Bollicine collection, launched in 2020, is inspired by the design of Champagne bubbles that invite celebration… although this year may not be the best year for it. And yet, it is not without imagination that, DoDo presents new versions of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces… to be ready for summer.

Author By Teoj

These sparkling new creations are dressed in pink gold, silver and diamonds, easy to wear because they can be combined. With Bollicine, DoDo signs the new must-haves of spring!

Bollicine earrings and ring in silver and pink gold – DoDo
Bollicine – DoDo
Bollicine Choker in 9K rose gold with 1 white diamond (ct 0.06) and 9K rose gold slider clasp – DoDo
Bolliciine stud earring in 9K rose gold with 3 white diamonds (ct 0.22) – half pair – DoDo
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