The Hot List: 10 gifts at less than 500€ to be shopped at the last minute

The quest for the ideal gift ends here with our selection of 10 trendy and softly priced jewels. Preparing gifts has never been easier.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

1.Buttercup Small Flower Stud, Morphée Joaillerie, 417€ 

Buttercup stud mounted on 9kt yellow gold set with yellow sapphires.

2. Spicy earrings, De Jaegher, 492€ 

Spicy earrings in white gold set with white diamonds, De Jaegher.

3. Danaé one diamond necklace, Persée, 385€

18 karat yellow gold Danaé necklace set with a white diamond, Persée.

4. Faceted Vermeil Ring Large Model, Marc Deloche, 410€

Vermilion ring with faceted motifs, Marc Deloche.

5.Woven silver weave silver ring, Lassaussois Joaillier, 180€ 

Braided bracelet in gold-plated silver, Lassaussois Joaillier.

6. Yellow gold Majesty ring, Place Vendôme, 490€

18 karat yellow gold graphic ring, Place Vendôme.

7. Clover pendant chain XL, Par Coeur, 420€

Vermilion pendant punctuated with a 4-leaf clover, Par Coeur.

8. Joined at the Hoop Doré earrings, Anissa Kermiche, 199€

Earrings two rings in gold-plated silver, Anissa Kermiche.

9. Earrings Izia, Pascale Monvoisin, 375€ 

Gold earring, hammered gold pendant and stem set with 7 diamonds, Pascale Monvoisin.

10. The Infinite Offering necklace, Alighieri, 250€

Gold plated necklace punctuated with a medallion, Alighieri.


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