Which stones to boost your power of seduction?

What if we look at the stones to awaken the goddess within us? Two creators lent themselves to the game and entrusted us with their favourite gems to attract (and keep!) Cupid in their nets.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I went to meet two designers for whom stones have no secrets. The opportunity to ask them if certain gems could boost our power of seduction, which is somewhat battered by our comfortable looks dictated by months of teleworking.

Jil Bilaudel, the creator of Holi Editions, a jewellery brand with holistic virtues, quotes without hesitation the garnet. “It is the stone of passion and vitality. Garnet rekindles the inner flame, balances the energy system, stimulates desires and eliminates blockages by awakening our power of seduction and encouraging it to blossom.”

A stone that the designer has chosen to combine with the freshwater pearl in a bracelet to harmonise the sacred chakra and “soak up its seductive energy”. Wear it every day to maximise the effects!

Known for her delicate and timeless approach to jewellery, Sophie d’Agon never tires of admiring the stones that inspire her unique and colourful gems. Amongst them, let us mention the emerald to which the designer gives her preference. “In my eyes, it is the gem that boosts our power of seduction the most. Its magnetic hue catches the eye like no other stone.” Another asset, emerald has no equal in calming tensions and helping to maintain harmonious relationships. This is not to be underestimated in these turbulent times!

Of emerald, the designer still says that she likes “the contrast it creates on the skin. Whatever the skin tone, the gem brings radiance and light.”. As a playground, Sophie d’Agon offered the four emeralds in the marquise cut the Art Deco spirit of the Ava ring, modernised by a mosaic of stones in bewitching colours. A jewel like a filter of love.

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