Rosemary by Vanessa Martinelli: A palette of colors in tribute to the flora

Vanessa Martinelli took her inspiration in the gardens of Lugano to design Rosemary… her latest collection set with leaves of tsavorites and amethysts.

Author By Teoj

Strengthened by her passion for colored stones, Vanessa Martinelli once again lights up the world of fine jewelry with her Rosemary collection. A true hymn to joy, celebrating life and the beauty of nature. The opportunity for the Italian designer to highlight the delicacy and elegance of rosemary flowers crafted with a subtle organic movement

Amethysts, tsavorites, malachites, sapphires, peridots, so many unique stones set in warm colors that you can find on a ring or earrings.

Sculptural compositions inspired by the secret gardens of princesses, these precious jewels mimic the curves of rosemary in a sophisticated way. The Rosemary collection unveils 5 original models with the possibility of customization upon request. The larger models in this collection is crafted with over 100 gemstones that are individually set by master goldsmiths specializing in pave settings in the heart of Italy.

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