Vanessa Tugendhaft

When Vanessa Tugendhaft launched her eponymous brand she wanted to offer a line of fine jewelry where diamonds reign supreme in all their splendour and natural luminance with trendy and chic designs at affordable prices. Her Identity line pushed her into that ascension.

Talented Belgium designer Vanessa Tugendhaft has made a name for herself in the fine jewelry world by pushing forward the creative boundaries of the industry with the introduction of charming, trend and feminine pieces – as enchanting as lucky charms. As a matter of fact, a few years ago, wearing a bracelet simply made of red string was a trend. Although its origins goes back to a religious belief being a Jewish talisman in the Kabbalah transmitting energy to the heart and the soul. Regardless, Vanessa Tugendhaft transformed it her way. She simply set a diamond on the thread transforming a religious adornment into a jewelry accessory. It became a collection she named Identity that pushed her on the jewelry scene.

With a proud artisan lineage and strong family traditions in gemstone carving and goldsmithing, Vanessa has been exposed to the magical world of diamonds from an early age. Almost like destiny, she made her way into the search for affordable beauty in a way that is unconventional, eye-catching and meant to last. Her bold and original idea to incorporate a diamond on a thread revolutionized jewelry by proving once and for all that opposites not only attract, but make an exceptional combination. The newly-created lucky charm quickly became a favourite of celebrities and top models alike available in a variety of colors. In a market oversaturated with ornate and overly flamboyant pieces, hers are an enchantingly different interpretation of beautiful simplicity and statement elegance. The bespoke diamond-on-a-thread jewel gained an iconic status of its own, becoming the brand’s most recognizable piece worldwide.

Moving forward, Vanessa’s Belgium inclination towards architectural minimalism and sculptural harmony shines through in the clean, simple and almost severe lines of the designs she creates. Every diamond is hand-picked to nestle naturally within the composition, accentuating its simplicity and refined elegance. She imagines with an unpretentious attitude towards jewelry numerous collections bringing a breath of fresh air in a market. Idylle, Marquise or Dentelle collections are examples of delicate motifs that complete the gentle and feminine allure of her Identity collection.

Vanessa Tugendhaft
Vanessa TugendhaftIdentity bracelet set with one diamond
Vanessa TugendhaftMarquise necklace mounted on rose gold with diamonds 
Vanessa Tugendhaft Princess ring mounted on white gold with diamonds 
Vanessa TugendhaftPrincess ring mounted on white gold with diamonds 
Vanessa TugendhaftSave my bee bracelet mounted on yellow gold plated with diamonds

Vanessa Tugendhaft

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