Vanrycke jewelry collection combines gold and diamonds in perfect proportion with effortless and chic embodying the ultimate Parisian elegance.

Vanrycke is a brand born out of one woman’s never-ending romance with the creative boundaries of the unimaginable. Lise Ferreira is the true embodiement of the free-spirited, bold and modern woman whose imagination opens pathways to the unknown and unexplored creative paths.

Her creations made of 18k gold and diamonds add a sense of refinement to familiar designs and patterns. The clean geometrical shapes accentuate the precious materials she uses to convey a feeling of effortless elegance and timeless class. The spirit of bespoke Parisian finesse permeates Vanrycke’s collections, making them extremely popular amongst celebrities with a taste for the good life.

The designer’s rich Portuguese heritage leaves a noticeable trace on the eponymous designs she creates that are both superbly clear in their simplicity and delightfully sensual in the emotions they evoke. Subtle sculpted lines accentuate the beauty and splendour of diamonds, pearls and other precious stones to create the ultimate combination of luxury and elegance. Vanrycke’s jewelry is an irresistible mix of flat medals, coins, squares, rectangles and other shapes engraved with messages and poetry.

With a background in Applied Arts, Lise Ferreira is able to explore new lengths of creative mastery in the field of jewelry-making. Her sense of beauty gives birth to compositions of harmonious proportions and symmetry. Inspired by the effortless sensuality of Parisian style, Vanrycke jewelry is an under-statement of elegance, refinement and grace with a touch of contemporary allure.

Lise Ferreira combines expertise and savoir-faire to breathe life into her inspirational and evocative designs. The superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail allow Vanrycke to stamp all of its gold jewelry with a hallmark certifying its purity and guaranteeing the highest possible quality.

Vanrycke Physalis ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds
VanryckePhysalis ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Vanrycke Make a wish bracelet mounted on rose gold
VanryckeMake a wish bracelet mounted on rose gold
VanryckeMademoiselle Else ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Vanrycke Coachella single ring mounted on rose gold
VanryckeCoachella single ring mounted on rose gold


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