Yanush Gioielli

Russian born, Yanush Gioielli is simple with classic designs and crafted to perfection accented with vividly-coloured gemstones with rich cultural influences.

With his family history deeply rooted in the oldest traditions of jewelry-making, Yanush Gioielli is a brand that thrives on the bridging of the gap between modern trends and centuries-old know-how for pieces that are the epitome of quality, style and timeless elegance. Over the years the masterful craftsmanship of Yanush Gioielli earned him the admiration of politicians, businessmen and celebrities alike.

The classical art of gold work meets the exquisite science of gemmology for bespoke creations that encapsulate the eternal beauty of tourmalines, diamonds, smoky topazes, citrines, amethysts and corals alike. Creating magnificent pieces of art in limited numbers and by individual orders has become the brand identity of Yanush as well as the superb cutting techniques used to bring out the best of every piece.

Exuberant compositions of perfect symmetry and dazzling colour variations shape the unique style of the brand and exhibit the fine mastery of the artisans behind it. The flawless pieces demonstrate a link between the past and the present, an underlying connection to the earth and celestial bodies, and love for movement and architectural aesthetics. Yanush specializes in the manufacture of fine gold jewellery set with diamonds and precious stones in intricate and splendid designs.

Countless unexpected combinations of materials and shapes demonstrate superb technical know-how and sculpted gemstones nestled in 18k yellow and white gold to form the lifeline of the brand. The skill and expertise of ancient masters, passed from generation to generation, shine through in the divinely symmetrical and intricately engraved creations.

From the Multicolour collection, which is a feast of visual stimuli to the Miracle and Fairy Tales with their complex sensuality and serene charm – Yanush is able to revisit any trend or design and showcase it within a modern context.

Yanush Gioielli Diamond Rings
Yanush Gioielli
Yanush Ring mounted on white gold with diamonds
Yanush GioielliRing mounted on white gold with diamonds
Yanush GioielliRing from Innocence collection 
Yanush Ring from Fairy tale collection 
Yanush GioielliRing from Fairy tale collection 
Yanush GioielliNecklace from Constance collection 

Yanush Gioielli

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