Atelier Paulin

The dainty wire bracelets are the signature creation of the French label to wear everyday and adopted by thousands all over the world.

Who needs to go for tattoos when you can declare your love with the hand shaped jewelry of Atelier Paulin? Inspired by the ancestral technique of shaping precious metal, the brand, helped by its team of wire artisans, creates unique pieces of jewelry that mirror our emotions. Whether it is the name of your child, a special place to remember or your favorite word (love is the most-asked one), your story is turned into a timeless creation.

If now the brand is a successful business carried by prestigious retailers, everything has started in the cozy Parisian living room of its founder, Anne-Sophie Baillet in 2014. Right after the birth of her daughter Colette, the former PR in Fashion who previously worked for Givenchy and Kenzo, was seeking to customize a bracelet with her newborn’s name. Facing a lack in the jewelry market, the entrepreneur decides to create for herself with the help of a wire artisan.

Anne-Sophie is quickly joined in this adventure by her long-time friend Matthias Lavaux who brings along his sensibility for design and a love for craftsmanship and rarities.

Thanks to the Instagram effect, Baillet’s creations managed to catch the attention of Colette, the avant-garde shop which became the first point of sale of Atelier Paulin. A collaboration that marks the beginning of a wonderful adventure. More than a label of nice charm jewelry made-to-order, what makes Atelier Paulin so special is that it is more than a jewelry brand, it is a way to highlight French craftmanship and to celebrate a shared passion for entrepreneurship. A passion that lead the two designers, Anne-Sophie and Matthias, to open recently a workshop in the heart of New-York and to develop in addition to their own jewelry a range of ear cuff, ring, fibula, hoop, cufflinks infused with their personal poetry.

Atelier Paulin
Atelier Paulin"Star" bracelet made of 9k Gold-filled wire with ribbons in silk and lurex
Atelier Paulin
Atelier Paulin"Smile" hoop made of 14k rose gold-filled wire
Anne-Sophie Baillet
Atelier PaulinAnne-Sophie Baillet founder of Atelier Paulin
Atelier Paulin
Atelier Paulin"Snob" earcuff made in 14k rose gold-filled wire
Atelier Paulin"Celeste" bracelet made of twisted 14k yellow gold-filled wired
Atelier Ring made in argentium
Atelier PaulinRing made in argentium

Atelier Paulin

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