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Fabergé Jewelry

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When Emotion triggers emotions

The Emotion ring collection from Fabergé is an intense combination of colored stones set on an organic shape for every woman adorn her finger. The organic shape of the ring is set in harmony with colorful gemstones such as rubies,…

The importance of jewelry at Fabergé !

This year, the House of Fabergé proved that going back to its traditions can sweep the modern haute-joaillerie world off its feet demonstrating that the jewelry firm primarily known for its spectacular Easter eggs can shine at other levels.

Fabergé @ the Pop Up The Eye of Jewelry

A great name from the past has dusted itself off and re-emerged on the haute joaillerie as heiresses Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé reinvent the legendary brand from Russia. Intricate jewel-encrusted pieces with a large palette of stone colors, exquisite setting…