A shimmering stone for May baby!

If you happen to be a May Baby, lucky you! Emerald is your stone.

Author By Teoj

This rare natural gemstone left no one indifferent with its color that varies between yellow green and blue green … isn’t it ladies?

Known to be the symbol of love since it symbolizes the 40 years of wedding, it’s a stone with multiple properties… It represents fidelity in the friendly and loving relationships, it is a stone of peace and wisdom.

This stone which belongs to the family of beryls (mineral species of the group of silicates) is extremely rare to find without any inclusion, which makes it a precious stone. An ideal gem for Aries, Pisces, Cancer and Taurus!

FORCE 10 BRACELET 18k yellow gold and emeralds large model – Fred Paris
Sonia Rainbow Ring – FLAV Joaillerie Paris 
Blink earrings – TABAYER
Emerald Huggie Earrings – Colette jewelry
DIVA’S DREAM Necklace – Bvlgari
Fabergé Emerald White Gold Fluted Ring – Fabergé
Magic Topkapi Emerald Ring – Maison Artaner Paris
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