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Lepa Galeb-Roskopp founded her fine jewelry brand Misahara in 2015 out her love of nature, her bi-cultural heritage and her travels around the globe. Her collection is infused by colored stones and organic designs made for every woman of taste.

With an aunt diplomat, Jewelry designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp is a serial globe-trotter who travels the world to get inspirations for her designs. Born in Serbia, she began travelling as a child. Teenager, she spent a lot of time in Paris and consequently Europe has no secret for her, as every summer was spent going from one country to another.  Her many travels inspire her creative process allowing her to capture the essence of every landscape and colors of each town and to reinterpret it her way in her jewelry creations. Her eyes only take the best to sculpt her designs with a contemporary attitude.

In founding Misahara, the fine jeweler creates unique and wearable jewelry that are a simple extension of her sensibility and creativity. She showcases her own stories whilst showing her talent for creating color and gemstones combinations, as the one she did with the Adriatic Collection. This line embodies Misahara style of jewelry: its avant-garde designs are highlighted by beautiful colors inspired by the Adriatic. From the hues of blues of the Adriatic waters to the yellow, orange and purple tones that represent the sunsets on the sea, these jewels make you feel kind of “connected”.

Misahara’s timeless yet unique signature pieces are made for the individual’s spirit, people that create fashion statement without following a trend and express their individuality through innovative design. Lepa Galeb-Roskopp has the purpose to create jewels that stand the test of time.

Beautiful by their design, but also by their meaning, each Misahara jewelry piece is recognizable by its triangle element. This Unity symbol works as a testament to the brand’s philosophy in her desire to unify different cultures in order to commit and help changing the world. As such, in 2016, Misahara’s founders established the True Cause Foundations created to help children in need around the world. That is all about Misahara’s jewelry: combining tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and innovation without forgetting to commit for the future.

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Lepa Galeb-Roskopp designer of Misahara
Misahara Unity World We Necklace white diamond set in rose gold
Misahara Talas ring set in etched 18k gold, is highlighted by a cabochon center stone surrounded by handset round brilliant sapphires and diamonds
Misahara Eternal Blossom Bangle with white diamonds set in yellow gold

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