Find your balance with the citrine, a November birthstone

Under the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, respectively representing water and fire, let’s spend November with a balanced mindset and controlled emotions!

Author By vaninalazard

After having gone successfully through the month of October (thanks to Indian summer!), let’s enter this mild winter with serenity and enthusiasm. In order to keep this good mood and a warm heart, there is nothing better than to adorn yourself with the lucky stone, the Citrine:  symbol of vitality and joy.

Since Ancient Egypt, Citrine has played a major role in lithotherapy, with its sun yellow colour, the colour of the star of humanity, it has acquired great importance in Egyptian and Greek mythology and has continued its journey to us, keeping its image of stone of happiness. Known especially for its benefits on the digestive system, Citrine is also a great ally when it comes to the solar plexus chakras, aka the chakras of stress and unhappiness.

So take a deep breath, equip yourself with positive thoughts and wear Citrine to your very fingertips!

Chara ring, Misahara

Adorn yourself with this sublime Misahara-style sunburst ring, featuring a claw-set centre stone on a diamond-paved 18-carat gold setting.


Premier packshot produit Bague Le Serpent

Bague Le Serpent – Boucheron

This ring is mounted with a yellow gold snake undulating around an oval-shaped citrine. Very representative of the Serpent bohème collection, it is one of its key pieces.

Bague en or jaune, diamants et quartz citrine, 12 mm. MARGHERITA DAMIANI 20072769_c - 1

Bague Margherita – Damiani

Fashion tip: never forget the power of a ring. This little piece of jewelry in yellow gold, diamonds and 12mm citrine quartz is of great importance to complete your jewelry assortment. It imposes chic on elegant hands and easily reveals your personality (in this case: sunny, extravagant and refined will be the attributes to suit you).

Besides the hands, let’s not forget to present other ornaments that will dress your body with the aura of the sun…


Gemmyorama bracelet – Gemmyo

Bracelet in yellow gold 750, with a closed setting that enhances the central stone in the form of a drop.Its adjustable chain is giving you the opportunity to offer it to your mother, daughter or best friend and still share that strong spiritual connection and love.


Ore earrings – Tasaki

These earclips in yellow gold, pearls, diamonds and citrine, quartz, amethyst and topaz beads will give you a quirky baroque look. With its sublime pearls and delicate stones, these original and asymmetrical earrings guarantee a contemporary and very sharp fashion statement despite their vintage appearance. They are perfect for all elegant fashionistas looking for THE iconic piece!


La Citrine en novembre candle – 290€ – Maison Romae

Finally, to feel this positive and energizing atmosphere, consider decorating your home with this candle featuring an emerald cut citrine of approximately 2 to 3 carats, nestled in 100% vegetable beewax and soy.

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