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Ma Préférée means my favorite : its ours and from Poiray

Another P. reference to the Poiray collection already full of exquisite pieces. Ma Première made them famous back in 1985 when they first launch their watch with interchangeable bracelet. Ma préférée was born this year … a rounded version of…

What happens when Poiray meets with a priest ?

Think about Poiray and it will trigger instantly the image of the Première watch, potentially the Préférence ring and assuredly the Tresse and the Heart. Back in 1985 the Preference sounded like a revolution breaking with the traditional rules of…

How can we associate Poiray to a jewelry revolution ?

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the young lady of the Place Vendome. Yet, Poiray not so young after all has surprised the jewelry world when they first launched their brand and first collection in 1975. Ten years later came…