Ma Préférée means my favorite : its ours and from Poiray

Another P. reference to the Poiray collection already full of exquisite pieces. Ma Première made them famous back in 1985 when they first launch their watch with interchangeable bracelet. Ma préférée was born this year … a rounded version of the existing model – probably an excuse to please more women …

Author By Eleonor picciotto

My préférée latest Poiray watch collection

The case is round; the weight is light; the bracelets can be changed; and you can pick a dial from a variety of options and change the bracelets upon your mood. My préférée is the latest Poiray watch to be added to your collection. And in case you haven’t noticed, the gadroons – or godrons as they call it- which are visible on the bezel of the case remain the Poiray DNA and impose themselves in a curvy style this time!

My préférée Poiray watch

My préférée Poiray black watch

My préférée Poiray watch

My préférée Poiray collection black watch

My préférée Poiray red watch

My préférée Poiray green watch

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