The Roadmap to Finding Bvlgari Jewelry

Bvlgari logo with a Serpenti piece in a road

Where can Bvlgari jewelry be found ? Narrowing down the collections of the Italian house, they can only be found in premium jewelry stores, high-end boutique shops and exclusive online stores duly authorized by Bvlgari. Here is the roadmap to finding Bvlgari Jewelry.

Author By The Eye of Jewelry Editorial Team

Bvlgari Serpenti ring mounted on rose gold set with diamonds and rubellite eyes
Bvlgari – Serpenti Ring in rose gold, set with rubellite eyes and full pavé diamonds


Bvlgari jewelry is synonymous to magnificence and opulence when it comes to Italian jewelry brands. The Bvlgari jewelry collections are made from the finest materials that are fused with cutting-edge designs and bold schemes. Their famed product lines such as B.Zero1, Bvlgari Bvlgari, Diva, and Serpenti are among the best-loved jewelry around the world.  As befits a luxury brand, Bvlgari jewelry is not available in all jewelers. Rather, it can be found in many luxurious stores, not to mention via the official Bvlgari jewelry website. Furthermore, not all outlets stock all the items within the Bvlgari collection. Hence why many people do some research online first, as this makes it easier to locate the closest outlet to any location. Upon visiting the official website, a search facility is provided to enable those interested to look for their nearest shop. Once a client knows where to go, the only thing he or she needs to think about is what purchase is going to be made? When it comes to Bvlgari, the Italian brand offers a wide range of branded products such as Bvlgari fragrances, sunglasses, purses or watches and jewelry. The Eye of Jewelry narrowed down the search to Bvlgari jewelry collections solely.

Bvlgari Fiore Di Bvlgari Necklace crafted with a multicoloured flower and vivid petals. 1 emerald, 1 rubellite, 2 acquamarines, 2 amethysts, 1 pink tourmaline, 1 emerald
Bvlgari – Fiore Di Bvlgari Necklace

As a matter of fact, Bvlgari jewelry is comprised of a variety of jewelry collections. For example, the Serpenti collection presents would-be purchasers with some impressive and stunning watches. These include Serpenti Tubogas, Serpenti Spiga, and Serpenti Secret. One should also note the presence of a fine jewelry collection within the Bvlgari range. This includes such examples as Fiore Di Bvlgari, Giardini Italiani, and The Magnifiche Creazioni.

Other collections include B.Zero1 celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. The double-rimmed B.Zero1ring engraved with logos on opposite sides is a best-seller and regarded as the most luxurious fashion ring. Divas’ Dream, Monete, Bvlgari Bvlgari, and Parentesi are part of the many collections that comprise more than one type of jewelry. Serpenti is a symbol of wisdom and vivacity while Bvlgari Bvulgari carries the more audacious and sophisticated ring settings. Bvlgari also boasts of the most elegant earrings that highlight a beautiful face. Your choices can be the Bvulgari Bvlgari, Diva, and Serpenti earrings. But be sure to purchase authentic and original Bvlgari pieces. That is precisely the reason why Bvlgari focused on building an extensive distribution network, composed of 300 plus stores, to cater to discriminating clients and jewelry lovers the world over. For example, Parentesi covers cufflinks, necklaces, rings, and even a tie clip. Meanwhile, Divas’ Dream offers a beautiful range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. At Baselworld this year, Bvlgari presented the Diva Finissima Minute Repeater, the world’s thinnest movement for such a complication designed for the fairer sex and whose dial is made of a Japanese lacquer called urushi, sprinkled with gold powder.

Bvlgari B.Zero 1 roma ring rose gold
Bvlgari – B.Zero1 Roma four-band ring

Those searching for a Bvlgari range should make sure their nearest outlet stocks that range. Many outlets stock only a limited range, although they may be able to order items to be collected from their store. For example, finding stores that stock Serpenti watches may be easier than finding stores that stock all the main versions of these watches.

Most of the range of Bvlgari jewelry can be found in one of three places – retail stores, flagship stores, or department stores. The latter are comprised of many smaller stores within the larger store. The availability of pieces, ranges, and Bvlgari jewelry in general may depend on the area and the country in question. However, if you know where to begin your search (and narrowing down the options online is best to begin with), you may be surprised just how many jewelers in your region and country do stock items from the Bvlgari range.

Bvlgari Diva Finissima Minute Repeater watch
Bvlgari – Diva Finissima Minute Repeater
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