Carolina Bucci

She perpetrates the jewelry crafmanship her grandfather et father taught her. Carolina Bucci, who was born in Italy, studied in New York and travels the world all year long manage to re-imagine the craft of jewelry-making in a series of easy-to-wear, magnetic and modern creations.

Exceptional pieces that are the true embodiment of the soul and heart of a talented jewelry designer – that is the secret behind Italian-born Carolina Bucci’s success. Bringing to life ethereal designs, evocative of the underlying forces of this world, she has honed her skills for years to achieve the status of artist joaillerie extraordinaire with a loyal client base, consisting of A-list celebrities, businessmen and famous figures.

The modern and effortless sense of luxury that permeates all of Bucci’s collections have made her pieces a favourite of rich socialites who treasure the subtle, bohemian feel coupled with timeless elegance. A vibrant re-invention of classic patterns and designs, the jewelry captures and conveys the dynamic changes that see trends come and go, but certain standards of beauty stay forever. With a background in Fine Arts and Jewelry Design from New York, Carolina Bucci brings an exceptional standard of technical expertise and profound artisan skills that form the lifeline of the brand she has created.

Her creations are defined by the adoption of traditional goldsmith practices together with centuries-old Florentine textile loom for the weave of gold and silk threads for a bespoke combination of effortless elegance. This ingenious blend quickly became the trademark of the brand with most of her beloved collections centring around a leading motif brought to life through the creative technique- Superstellar, Looking Glass, Lucky Diamonds, Dusk and Dawn, Nana, Lei Zu and others.

The intricately woven pieces are like nothing the conservative world of high-end jewelry has ever seen before with a level of finesse and delicacy that is difficult to mimic. Transcending fleeting trends, they embody a unique spirit that appeals to the modern, free-spirit woman. Often featured in leading publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and W magazine, Carolina Bucci’s name has become synonymous with distinctly hip and modern sensibility with a touch of traditional Florentine artisanship.

Carolina Bucci
Carolina Bucci Florentine cuff mounted on yellow gold 
Carolina BucciFlorentine cuff mounted on yellow gold 
Carolina Bucci Recharmed lucky charms necklace
Carolina BucciRecharmed lucky charms necklace
Carolina BucciLeo Lucky Zodiac ring mounted on yellow gold with grey diamonds
Carolina Bucci

Carolina Bucci

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