How to wear your earrings in 2020? The answer with CHANEL’s style lesson

Looking for inspiration to twist your earrings? The House of Chanel delivers a 5 point style lesson to twist your earrings. Ready for your personalised coaching session?

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

In fashion as elsewhere, there are codes that you need to know before giving free rein to your creativity. Earrings are no exception to the rule, all the more so as these precious items are winning the favour of an ever-growing clientele. They are the signature jewelry on which to bet to twist a look or assert a personality. In a word, OSTs have become the new must-have in our jewelry wardrobe.

How can you shake up the codes of traditional wear – understood in perfect symmetry to both ears – to inject fun and boldness into your style? Nothing could be simpler thanks to the advice of the famous Maison de la rue Cambon.

Chanel - Boucle d’oreille COMÈTE PERLÉE en or, diamants et perles
Chanel – Earring COMÈTE PERLÉE in gold, diamonds and pearls.

A large earring worn on one side, nothing better to stand out. The trick is to choose the right size piece to match your personality. Whether you choose a large model or a square XXL version, the choice is yours.

Chanel - Boucles d’oreilles COMÈTE en or et diamants
Chanel – Earrings COMÈTE in gold and diamonds.

Leave one ear bare to draw all the attention – and glances – to the second, magnified by your buckle. Or how to become a master in the art of jewelry performance.

Chanel - Boucles d’oreilles EXTRAIT DE CAMÉLIA en or et diamants
Chanel – earrings CAMELIA EXTRACT in gold and diamonds.

“Play the assertion of asymmetry by wearing two earrings on one side.” As you can see, the whole idea here is to have fun by composing ever more daring duets!

Chanel - Boucles d’oreilles COMÈTE en or et diamants Boucles d’oreilles RUBAN en or et diamants
Chanel – Earrings COMÈTE in gold and diamonds and Earrings RUBAN in gold and diamonds.

Hoarding is a bit like the carte blanche menu in a restaurant, except this time you are the Maestro. So you mix sizes, materials, gems to sublimate your two ears. The good news is that every combination is a winner!

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