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Christina Debs

Just like her smile, Christina Debs’s jewelry is colorful, feminine and beautiful. Based in Beyrouth, she has been designing jewelry for the past 10 years learning from the best Parisian schools.

Lebanese jeweller Christina Debs channels her fascination with rich history of civilisation into modern pieces that are able to retell an ancient tale of exquisite craftsmanship in a fashion-forward language. Her powerful reinterpretation of her multi-faceted cultural heritage has become the base for wonderful contemporary compositions with modern accents and intricate embellishment. A strong designer identity shines through in the exquisite craftsmanship of the timeless pieces with a meaningful message.

Since the creation of her brand in 2008, Christina Debs has gradually expanded worldwide entering the stores of most luxury retailers. Adored by the press, her jewelry is revered foR Its clean, colorful contemporary design and effortless finesse. From the potent line Hard Candy that uses a multitude of precious stones in all of their vibrant flamboyance to the minimalist aesthetic of Diamond Tattoo – her creations are as varied as can be. She incorporates lesser-known kaleidoscopic gems such as mango agate, amazonite and pink jade in simple yet eye-catching designs for a truly mesmerizing combination. Relying on ancient Phoenician techniques, such as granulation, filigree and cloisonné, has allowed Christina Debs to take contemporary jewelry-making to a new level of excellence.

Together with her team of skilled artisans she continues to experiment with a variety of gemstone compositions that are new to the world of fine jewelry. Her collections are edgy and unusual in terms of colors, shape,  materials and nuances and that makes them all the more spellbinding. While Christina’s inspirations remain deeply rooted in her rich heritage and cultural background, she doesn’t’ shy away from incorporating loud pops of colour and fun detailing to bring two distinctive worlds closer.

Her bespoke creations demonstrate perfect and unique synergy of old and new, which is something we do not usually see in fine jewellery.

Christina Debs' rings
Christina Debs
Christina Debs - Hard Candy Initials necklace
Christina DebsHard Candy Initials necklace
Christina Debs Diamond Tattoo
Christina DebsDiamond Tattoo
Christina Debs Wonderland bracelet
Christina DebsWonderland bracelet
Christina Debs Hard Candy ring
Christina DebsHard Candy ring

Christina Debs

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