Hard Candy, Rock Candy … Christina Debs, please give me a candy !

She’s Lebanese, she’s talented, and sees life in a spectrum of colors. Christina Debs has a sensitivity in terms of fine jewelry, understanding what a woman wants and how she wants to wear her jewelry. Her iconic Hard Candy collection offers 22 colored stones to be drilled with a initial, paved with diamonds and picked by style. Rock Candy fully paves the previous collection for a more rock and modern look.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Hard Candy

The Hard Candy collection stands out by its unique design of a rose cut central stone available in over 45 different colors and stones (black onyx, lapis lazuli, amazonite, agate, turquoise…) and set in a variety of looks. Depending on your taste, style and even budget, every single woman can find something that suits her in the Hard Candy Collection from a small pendant necklace with a single stone set with prongs to a large ring surrounded by diamonds and drilled with a paved initial.

Rock Candy

What became her signature design enabled the Lebanese designer to think forward. Since the establishment of the brand in 2009, the collection Hard Candy has grown on Christina Debs enabling her to develop Rock Candy, a modernised and edgier version of the original pieces. By keeping the original shape of the central stone, she fully paves the iconic ring shape for a glittering meteorite look set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires. Hard Candy grew up to Rock Candy offering two looks for the same shape !

Christina Debs Rock Candy rings rose gold diamonds

Christina Debs rings hard candy gold hands

Christina debs diamonds white and brown diamond rose gold

Christina Debs ring initials ring gold diamonds

Christina Debs Rock Candy Ring pink gold and ruby

Christina Debs rings Hard Candy diamonds rose gold initials

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