Christina Soubli

Soubli revisits the ancient filigree technique with eye-catching designs

Born in Greece in a family of traditional jewelers, Christina Soubli came to jewelry naturally. From her native background, she learned everything about craftmanship and how to create impeccably handmade pieces that will last a lifetime. She could have followed her family footsteps, but her creative mind led her to go further and push the boundaries of jewel-making.

The designer attended Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design with the will of exploring forms and precious materials until she finds her signature style.

During her studies, she experimented with various materials and techniques, before turning to the filigree technique which consists in twisting together fine threads of precious metal. The filigree, which finds its roots in Ancient Greece, trigged the creativity of the Athens-based designer who decided to introduce it in her creations. To her eyes, filigree is more than a way to curl and twist threads of wire by hand, it is an amazing way to give jewels a unique shape that exudes femininity.

Christina Soubli has become known for her way of giving filigree an utterly modern touch. She has therefore been distinguished with significant awards, among which is the Worshipful Company of Goldsmith’s Award of Jewelry.

Soubli is inspired by classical forms but in the meantime, she is fueled by the desire to modernize things and to create unconventional way to wear jewels. Combining her love for traditional shapes with her creative vision, her collections stand out with statement pieces with feature geometric patterns and large colored stones. She turns like no one cabochon gemstones into playful candy rings to mix and match for a refreshing look! For a subtler allure, you can opt for a filigree piece from her “Dentelles collection” which is all about natural and clean lines that adorn your skin with a sexy lace-like effect.

Christina Soubli Tiny Cross pendants with gemstone
Christina SoubliTiny Cross pendants with gemstone
Christina Soubli Basic Square Hoops
Christina SoubliBasic Square Hoops
Christina Soubli
Christina SoubliChristina Soubli
Christina Soubli Tattoo Square Ring
Christina SoubliTattoo Square Ring set with a blue sapphire
Christina Soubli Princess Hook earrings
Christina SoubliPrincess Hook Earrings

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Christina Soubli

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