The Padparadscha sapphire shines in David Morris’s high jewelry collection

The London Jeweller has unveiled exquisite new additions to his high jewelry collection that combines extraordinary stones and innovative design. Amongst beautiful Colombian emeralds and flamboyant rubies, all the eyes were for the Padparadscha sapphire ring that has stolen the show. We had the chance to meet Jeremy Morris, Managing and Creative Director of the brand, who opens up about the story of this breathtaking stone.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry: How long did it take to find the Padparadscha sapphire? And where did you find it?

Jeremy Morris: Whilst travelling around the world, I’ve collected an array of precious and extremely rare gems, which I will only use once the perfect matching stones have also been found. When I discovered this 12.30ct Ceylon Padparadscha sapphire, I knew immediately that it merited designing a magnificent setting.

Theiofj: What makes it so special to your eyes?

JM: A Padparadscha sapphire is such an unusual stone, in which you can find a spectrum of striking hues, from soft peach-pink to warm rose-gold This one however has an incredibly unique vividness and intensity of color. Whilst every gem refracts light, this particular stone is mesmerizingly captivating thanks to its rare natural beauty.

Theiofj: What has drawn the design of the piece?

JM: We’ve become renowned for our stone-centric designs, placing stones together that enhance and complement one another. I wanted to honor our signature surround setting, so we crafted the 12.30ct Padparadscha sapphire to be nestled amongst 0.49ct pink brilliant cut diamonds and 5.53ct white rose-cut marquise white diamonds.

David Morris - Padparadscha sapphire ring
David Morris – Padparadscha sapphire ring
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