The importance of jewelry at Fabergé !


This year, the House of Fabergé proved that going back to its traditions can sweep the modern haute-joaillerie world off its feet demonstrating that the jewelry firm primarily known for its spectacular Easter eggs can shine at other levels.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

When the Russian Emperor Alexander III placed an order for two cicada-shaped cufflinks with Carl Fabergé in the distant 1883 no none could have imagined that this would mark the beginning of one of the biggest jewelry houses the world. Fortunately, when talent meets passion for crafting ornate and bewildering pieces sprinkled with the most precious of stones – thy sky is the limit. Today, after two world wars and many challenging times – the name of Fabergé stands stronger than ever, captivating with new collections, a proud family inheritage and artisan traditions.

After decades of building up his reputation with the Fabergé Imperial Eggs that came to be the hallmark of the grandeur and the exuberance of the Russian Empire, the world watched with bathed breath as the proud Jewelry House met its untimely end during the Russian Revolution. But as it is with all great love stories – the phoenix was to rise again from the ashes of its former splendor as did the Fabergé name in 2009 when it re-launched as a jeweler under new management and was soon after sold to Gemfields, marking the beginning of a creative collaboration of new heights.

To continue to live up to its reputation of splendor, marked by great artistic achievements, Fabergé has since ventured into the untapped waters of watch and jewelry making, launching several collections of refined wonderment. Teaming with master horology experts and staying true to the Fabergé imaginative freedom and spirit has produced such bespoke works-of-art such as the Lady Compliquée Haute Horology Collection and the Visionnaire I male line – hallmarks of a new era of technical superiority and unparalleled artisan skills.

As the most iconic artist jeweler, the brand continues to create eternally original jewelry pieces that convey breath-taking individuality. In retaining its focus on preserving the very art of artisan, Fabergé has successfully repositioned itself on the modern scene, drawing a loyal following of discerning clientele of socialites, celebrities and powerful figures drawn to enduring originality and unparalleled craftsmanship. The brand’s new jewelry collections are better placed at a museum for their ethereal qualities and painstaking gemstone compositions as the works of art that they truly are. But for now, Fabergé will continue laying out his myriad of colors and precious designs on the pristine canvas that is the feminine form…

Faberge Emotion Multi colored ring features over 300 gemstones
Fabergé – Emotion Multi-colored Ring features over 300 gemstones including round white diamonds, rubies, tsavorites, emeralds, and orange, pink, purple, yellow and blue sapphires, set in 18 karat yellow gold
Faberge Three colors of love ruby drop earrings mounted on rose gold
Fabergé – Three colors of love ruby drop earrings mounted on rose gold
Fabergé - Imperial quadrille blue sapphire ring with blue sapphires and white diamonds
Fabergé – Imperial quadrille blue sapphire ring with blue sapphires and white diamonds

Faberge Lady compliquee peacock emerald wacthFabergé – Lady compliquée Peacock emerald watch mounted on rose gold with diamonds and emeralds


Faberge Emotion Charmeuse Ruby ring

Fabergé – Emotion Charmeuse Ruby Ring features an oval Mozambican ruby centre stone and over 300 round, pavé-set rubies, set in 18 karat rose gold

Faberge Imperial quadrille emerald earrings
Fabergé – Imperial quadrille emerald earrings with emeralds and white diamonds
Faberge Devotion sapphire ring
Fabergé – Devotion sapphire ring
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