Jeweler of the tsars; famous for their eggs; with a Russian heritage; acquired by Gemfields- the largest emerald mine in the world; Fabergé has been collaborating with Agenhor to develop outstanding mechanical watch movements… throughout the decades, Fabergé has installed its reputation as watch and jewelry brand respected in the industry.

Behind the name Fabergé stands a history of family-owned firm of art and antique dealers, specializing in fine jewelry and for crafting the famous eggs that came to become a status symbol for noble men and royalties across Europe ever since 1842. With a bespoke legacy in jewelry-making, the house of Fabergé master jewelers redefined the world of haute joaillerie by dripping their pieces with diamonds and precious gemstones.

Highly collectible, Fabergé’s intricate jewel-encrusted eggs created for the Russian tsars made the jewelry house world-famous.

Today, the house of Fabergé continues to reap world fame with exquisite and artistic use of colour, making the most of each gemstone’s unique characteristics in order to use their heritage taking inspiration in the past in the making of their future. In doing-so, they have worked on developing modern jewelry collections that remain loyal to their DNA. As a matter of fact, we can find a vibrant enamel palette on a selection of their latest collection such as the surprise lockets or the open-set bangles, we can notice the high quality of their craftsmanship as seen in the invisible setting of the Mosaic Egg Pendants or even the Emotion Collection. Drawing inspiration from the family’s tumultuous past, the brand continues to present eternally original pieces of breath-taking individuality and quality.

Celebrating the concept of the artist-jeweller in today’s world of luxury, Fabergé brings together creativity, design and craftsmanship for creations of unparalleled delicacy and splendor with all of their creations designed to become treasured future heirlooms.

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FabergéTreillage rings
Fabergé Visionnaire DTZ 18 Karat Rose Gold
FabergéFabergé Visionnaire DTZ
FabergéStackable rings
Fabergé Lady Compliquée Peacock Ruby watch
FabergéFabergé Lady Compliquée
FabergéOpen-set bangles
Fabergé The Faberge Pearl Egg
FabergéThe Faberge Pearl Egg
Fabergé Mosaic egg pendant
FabergéMosaic egg pendants
Fabergé Visionnaire Chronograph
FabergéFabergé Visionnaire Chronograph
FabergéSurprise Lockets

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