A talk with Clemence von Mueffling, founder of Beauty and Well-Being

Clemence von Mueffling

French beauty editor based in New York City, Clemence von Mueffling embodies with perfection what Americans call “chic à la française”. As the published author of Ageless Beauty the French Way, she shares secrets from three generations of beauty editors and gives us tips about beauty rituals from skin to nails.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The Eye of Jewelry – Who are you?

Clemence von Mueffling – I am a French beauty editor based in New York City. I am the founder of an online magazine called Beauty and Well Being and the author of Aging the French Waya book that I have recently published sharing the best beauty tips of all women of all ages.

The Eye of Jewelry – How did you come up in writing this book?

Clemence von Mueffling – Both my mother and grandmother worked as beauty editors for the French Vogue. I grew up learning about these beauty tips while I was learning my ABC’s so it’s something that just became natural to me. We have always talked about cosmetics and beauty routines. I first started working with large companies such as Clarins, Dior and Puig until I decided to launch my own company.

The Eye of Jewelry – What are the rituals that changed from their time to our time?

Clemence von Mueffling – For starters, there are definitely much more products than there used to. The market is very saturated in both the cosmetic and perfume industries. As an example, when my mom was at Vogue when a perfume was launched it was a big event.
Nowadays, you have thousands of new perfumes coming out every year.

The Eye of Jewelry – In the beauty habits – what changed in the last 50 years?

Clemence von Mueffling- We have more choices between products and we have better quality. For my grandmother to find the right foundation it was tricky. There were very thick and there were not many brands on the market. Now you can really play with textures and colors and get incredible results long lasting with products that don’t clog the pores like they used to in the past. And really amazing products at affordable prices ! Very easy to get between online and department stores!

The Eye of Jewelry – What piece of advice would you give before prepping for a photoshoot?

Clemence von Mueffling-  Because of the age Instagram and selfies, they probably now spend 10 minutes getting ready for an IG shoot whereas it took 2 hours 40 years ago.

I would recommend 3 things :

  1. First of all, don’t try to go for perfect skin. What is important is a healthy and glowy skin – that being said, we should stay away from harsh treatment like scrubs. Your skin will stay much healthy. Each scrub removes 3 layers of skin and takes 2 days to build one layer. It means that it takes almost a full week for your skin to go back to normal. Double cleansing at night – it is what is going to change your skin from great to totally amazing. Your skin is never as clean as you think it is. The first cleanse removes make up and impurities.
  2. The second is what is going to let your skin breathe and enable the renewal of the skin cells during the night. It’s a great ritual – very relaxing. Stay away from foams which happen to be very aggressive for the skin. In your mid-20s cleansing milks are great and use cleansing oils in the winter. Put a little toner on a cotton and a little bit of thermal water. I realized that my skin glows more in the morning before putting on my make-up. You don’t even necessarily need to put on a cream at night in order to let your skin breathe.
  3. A great French tip I have learned growing up: learn how to do a face massage. It’ a great way to activate the circulation, activate complexion and stimulate the collagen. It’s easy to do and free ! Bare in mind that you need to give yourself 3 weeks before starting to see the effects.

The Eye of Jewelry – What about make-up when prepping for a photoshoot?

Clemence von Mueffling-  When you do a photoshoot lights are super strong ! It’s the same on TV:  you do need that extra make-up. It is necessary. You may look much more tired if you don’t. You need to put on more layers. For example, to go to work I may just wear a tinted moisturizer with a tiny bit of blush but if I am going on TV or doing a photoshoot I need a product much ticker giving me a full coverage especially for dark circles but also with a darker tint from my original complexion. And for the eyes to pop, give an eye shadow and put on some mascara.

The Eye of Jewelry – Any brand on trend you would recommend?

Clemence von Mueffling – Chantecaille make-up: they have just launched a great line with coral colors that are very nice.By Terry used to be a super talented make-up artist who now has launched her own line and she does great quality and texture products. I am faithful to classic brands such as the Terracotta by Guerlain. I really love a lip crayon contour from Charlotte Tilbury or a lip gloss from. We have just recently discovered a very innovative brand named Kosasfounded by Sheena Yaitanes.

Guerlain - Terracotta, the bronzing powder
Guerlain – Terracotta, the bronzing powder
Kosas - Tinted face oil, color and light palette and weightless lip color
Kosas – Tinted face oil, color and light palette and weightless lip color

The Eye of Jewelry – After the face, what would be a hand ritual?  Because when it comes to jewelry : hands, nails and cuticles can be super challenging…

Clemence von Mueffling – I have a whole chapter dedicated to hands in my book. I have been interviewing the person who has been doing the hands of the French actress Catherine Deneuve for decades and we had this incredible conversation about how to take care of your hands. First rule is that you cannot let anyone touch your nails. Because very few people really know how to give a proper manicure. If they peel off too much cuticles, they will keep on growing even more. The less I touch them, the best they are. Remember to always use a good thick moisturizer. You put a little noisette inside the palm of your hand. You take all of the nails of the other hand and start moisturizing as if you want to crush an almond. Doing rotating movements. That’s great! You don’t want a lotion! LaRoche-Posay, the 8-hour cream by Elisabeth Arden or even Chanel who just launched one as well is a good one for the skin. The legendary Crème d’Abricot by Dior for the nails is also a must-have.

Chanel - La Crème Main and La Crème Main texture riche
Chanel – La Crème Main and La Crème Main texture riche

The Eye of Jewelry – What about nail polish?

Clemence von Mueffling- I am very faithful to Kure Bazaar as a nail polish brand.

The Eye of Jewelry – What is your thought on organic products vs. non-organic when it comes to creams?

Clemence von Mueffling-  It’s all about being wise. Some people will tell you that if it’s not organic they won’t use it and yet the first occasion they get they drink a diet coke or use fake sugar. I use natural products for certain areas such as deodorants  because it’s super important since it’s close to your glands or shampoo because you really massage the product into your scalp. I am careful with body products because of the quantity we are using…but I do trust big brands such as Avène or La Roche Posay. They have the best patents in the entire world.

The Eye of Jewelry – How are French products are more reliable?

Clemence von Mueffling- Their restrictions are much more important in France than anywhere less.

The Eye of Jewelry – Any advice you’d like to give models, influencers in the jewelry industry?

Clemence von Mueffling- I think that it’s wonderful when you make people dream. We need to see beautiful things and it’s true that jewelry is one of those areas where any woman at any age will be in awe in seeing something extraordinary in jewelry. A thick hand cream to apply regularly. I love face oils they give a good glow and I would recommend for the freshness something light on the lips : a lip gloss is always easy and pretty!.

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