A Talk with Michal Kadar, the creative director of CADAR jewelry

Cadar bracelet fur

Based in New-York city, it’s at Couture in Las Vegas in June 2017 that the fine jewelry brand took home the Best in Gold Award rewarded for its intricate and timeless jewelry that exude the body’s movement.  The Eye of Jewelry met with her during the Paris Couture Week where the designer introduced her new collection.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Michal Kadar founder of CADAR
Michal Kadar

The Eye of Jewelry- What’s the difference between your first collection and the latest?

Michal Kadar- When I started with Cadar, it was more something for my soul, very spiritual. I was coming from the fashion industry and I didn’t know customers very well. After three years, I am more mature and aware of the business and what I want for the customer at the end. Each collection tells a new story that reflects my inspiration, that’s the real difference.

THEIOFJ- Where do you produce your jewelry?

MK– Each piece is handcrafted in both New York City and Italy by local artisans. I am very close to my artisans as every collection has a long development process. For the Feather earring, it took us one year to make the prototype in New-York and then we shipped it to Italy where it took another six months for the factories to precisely understand what I wanted. But the result was worth the effort!

Cadar - Feather drop earrings, size large, mounted on 18K yellow gold
CADAR – Feather drop earrings, size large, mounted on 18K yellow gold

THEIOFJ- Why did you decide to reach out to the European market?

MK– For me, Paris is the center of beauty. People are more arty, they understand more the craftsmanship and how jewelry is part of the culture. Most Parisians grew up in museums, know about art and understand the stories behind this. I have a fashion background, so Paris was the perfect place for me to present my collection.

THEIOFJ- How do you defend your collection?

MK– Most designers are more connected to stones whereas, I feel more connected than others to fashion. I believe in stories and the things that I want to say, which it is a little bit different. As a designer, I am obsessed with light. It’s the most important thing for me when I am designing: to focus on how it moves and get the reflection and get the light, how in every limit you see something completely different.

THEIOFJ- Why yellow gold?

MK– I love it! Nothing beats yellow gold to reflect the light. When a piece is becoming a best-seller, I make it also in white and pink gold. When you see all the range, then it means we are selling a lot from it!

THEIOFJ- What are your sources of inspiration?

MK– Cadar draws from references to Art Deco, Art Nouveau, spiritual geometry and Japanese artistic motifs. I’m more interested in the texture, in the second skin than in the animal itself, that’s why I made the collections feather and fur.

THEIOFJ- How do you want women to feel while wearing your pieces?

MK– I want them to feel super sexy and I know men are getting crazy about this! That’s the Cadar effect: simple yet sophisticated and very sexy.

Cadar - Fur ring mounted on yellow gold
CADAR – Fur ring mounted on yellow gold
Cadar - Python Wide bracelet mounted on 18K yellow gold
CADAR – Python Wide bracelet mounted on 18K yellow gold
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