AS29 or the success story of the diamond remede

Women need to sparkle and shine because they love to dazzle, it is in their DNA!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Diamond remede, success recipe, upcoming flagship, Belgian Audrey Savransky tells everything about the future of her Hong-Kong based brand AS29 created in 2008.

– Would you ever consider using central stones in your creations?
For sure one day but not at the present time.

– If you had to pick one watch, one pair of earrings, one cuff and one ring, but not yours…
Actually I only wear only family jewelry since we have been in the business for 4 generations.

– One anecdote?
Once while trying to book a table in a fancy restaurant the maître-dit didn’t understand my name and thought I was Mrs. Swarovski instead of Savransky…not same kind of stone I must say!

– Ultimately… when would you consider the opening of flagship?
I’m actually opening a store, my first store in Hong kong very soon…to be continued!

– In a previous interview, you claimed the importance of colors but what we most assimilate your jewels to are monochrome colors. What’s up with that?
Black color makes me happy. You design what you wish to wear yourself first… and white and black diamonds are what suits me best!

– After creating the Diamond Remede Concept, could you explain the ingredients of the Success Recipe… yours…?
Offering jewelery at accessible prices.

– Now that you have become a successful jewelry creator, entrepreneur, wife and mother, what do you miss the most in what you do daily?
To be honest, now that I have AS29 my life is so complete! I love working and don’t miss not being busy with my work when I have free time.

– What’s up with HK?
Hong Kong is an amazing vibrant city where anything is possible. The energy of this city makes you want to do more everyday. The people you meet here are amazing and I am very proud to be able to call this my home for the last 11 years.

– According to you what is the difference between a diamond accessory and a diamond jewelry?
I often refer my pieces as diamond accessories because I strongly believe that today women want to wear jewelry for any occasion. So many boutiques and multi-brand stores eventually understood this concept : nowadays, you don’t just find jewelry brands in department stores and jewelry stores only… there are other options!

– Regarding your creations, why is the micro-pave a DNA Setting?
It is the best technical way for me to express my creativity and achieve what I want to produce in my collections.

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