Designer Hanadi Keane is the new jewelry designer established in Geneva

After a long career in a global industry, Hanadi Keane decided to dedicate her second career to her passion: jewelry. She launched her eponymous brand with a simple yet iconic design line.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Hanadi Keane spent over two decades working for the International Japan Tobacco industry. A few years back, she decided to change her life and a fortiori her career. Hanadi applied to the GIA (Gemmologist Institute of America) in order to get officially certified before digging into the world of jewelry.
Holding two nationalities Swiss and Lebanese, Hanadi Keane decided to establish her jewelry brand as Swiss exclusively.

As jewelry fan she has always been, Hanadi first paid a close attention to finition, craftmanship and details which explains why she took another course specialized in quality control.
“You do it well or you don’t do it at all” she claims…

Only after this, she developed her first jewelry line in 2013 and used 2014 to start the commercialization of Hanadi Keane. Although the logo has nothing to do with her HK initials, Hanadi Keane emphasized the fusion of contrasts with the association of round and straight lines … like an image to our journey taking into account that each path is different!

In 2015, she attended Baselworld for the first time, and answered our questions, with one idea in mind: the wish to exist and carry on the brand with emotion and style.

Designer Hanadi Keane

White gold ring with white diamonds Marquise collection Hanadi Keane

White gold earrings with turquoise and white diamonds Aura collection Hanadi keane

– What is the piece of jewelry that represents most the Hanadi Keane Style?
The Cantara collection was made for elegant women with style. The Cantara collection has been designed following architectural lines set with diamonds comprising of a sautoir, a pair of earrings and a bracelet made of yellow gold.

– How come the Signature collection doesn’t resemble much the main HK jewelry line ? I am a little obsessed with this shape. For some reason, it is at the same time super serious yet round and gentle. The line of the Signature collection is aimed to evolve and change…Like a path at the beggining of a new journey you never know what you are about to reach.

– What kind of jewelry reputation are you seeking for your brand, Hanadi Keane?
I would love to be the woman who understands women and their perfection. The woman with a capital W does not need my jewelry to exist, she just wants to wear it.

– How are you positionning yourself next to a Cartier, Chaumet, Bvlgari?
By understanding and applying the same common ground and knowledge they use in their collections taking into account what is and what makes a woman … Within my jewelry creations we have the same foundations but are different.

– How do you become Hanadi Keane?
My/The Lebanese woman is different from any other woman. She is not the “bling bling” type one can imagine. The Lebanese woman is strong, and well-guided, she knows what she wants, and will work hard in achieving her goal. Lebanon forged the woman that I am. War was also a factor that helped…

– What is the inspiration behind your collection?
Respect. The Heart to Heart collection is the best example inspiring respect which embodies the most important notion in my opinion. Made in Geneva in a small atelier the magic trick of the hearts is that they are interlocking with the highest precision. Even if the necklace move around, diamonds are set on both sides to be seen at all times!

– We could imagine the almond shape … seen in most of your designs… to be a symbol just like the Egyptian eye, is it ?
The women wearing Hanadi Keane jewelry are not superstitious. Therefore, there is no reference whatsoever to the Eye or any other belief.

Ranging between CHF 1’500 and CHF 32’000, the different collections of the Swiss brand/ Swiss based Hanadi Keane include: Signature, Aura, Marquise, Heart to Heart, Cantara and Toi et Moi and are available for viewing in their private showroom in the center of Geneva.

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