A Talk with Philippine Pérouse, founder of her eponymous brand, about finding the perfect engagement ring

Pérouse Paris, jewelry brand. Anna ring mounted on white gold with diamonds

The founder of Pérouse shared with The Eye of Jewelry her precious insights about the important things to know before picking the ultimate piece of jewelry that will adorn your finger for the rest of your life!

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

When it comes to engagement rings, you can easily be lost given the multitude of options available on the bridal segment. One must feel quite overwhelmed with suggestions. We have asked Philippine Pérouse, the founder and creative director of French Jewelry brand Perouse Paris, what are the main considerations to be taken into account when browsing for an engagement ring selection. Let’s get started!

Diamond or colored stone?

That’s a proper bridal dilemma! If diamonds are our go-to for traditional engagement rings, colored stones are the bet for originality. I recommend women choosing a gem that fits their style and preferences. Which color do you like the most? Does a diamond or an emerald better match your wardrobe? An engagement ring deserves to be chosen with thorough reflection. Ask your mother and friends to let you take their rings for a test drive and find which style you are attracted to!

What about the shape?

Round and princess cuts are by far the most popular but also the most traditional choice.  If you want your ring to be unique, consider unexpected cuts like the marquise cut which makes finger looks longer and slender, or the heart-shaped stone which is the ultimate symbol of love. There is no wrong choice, it is a matter of preference.

Overtime, which stone is the best?

I am often asked by customers about the stones’ hardness as most people are not used to wear precious jewelry in everyday life and are afraid to break them. Diamonds and sapphires are known for their hardness, rubies are ranked just after, but you have also to consider the setting to ensure that the stone is hold and therefore set safely.

Talking about settings, from a solitaire to a vintage-inspired cluster shape or a bezel setting, how can we avoid getting lost amongst all of the existing options?

That’s the reason why we are here to guide you! At Perouse, we offer brides two options: a customization service to adapt one of our models according to their taste and a bespoke service to create a unique ring through successive meetings that allow to refine the dreamed design and select the perfect stone. If you are looking for something traditional and elegant, the classic solitaire setting is a safe bet as its prevalent alternative, the three-stone engagement ring. A bezel setting is the perfect alternative to prong setting – that can sometimes be boring – because it hugs the gem all the way around its girdle whilst adding a contemporary look to your ring. For additional shimmer, you can opt for a setting that features a pave-set diamonds on the band of the ring.

Pérouse Paris Louise ring mounted on white gold set with seven diamonds. How to find the perfect engagement ring
Pérouse Paris – Louise ring mounted on white gold set with seven diamonds

Once the stone is chosen, it is time to think about gold! Do you have any tips to help choosing the ring band?  

Diamonds beautifully marry white gold and platinum when pink gold perfectly matches warm colored stones such as ruby or pink tourmaline.

Each metal has their advantage and disadvantages. For example, platinum is an extremely durable metal and will last longer whereas gold wears down faster but is also shinier. Whether you are opting for gold or platinum, don’t forget that metal is here to enhance the beauty of the stone and not to draw attention to. We tend to avoid creating too much contrast between the band and the stone.

How much does the wedding band needs to be considered while choosing the engagement ring?

Very much! Engagement and wedding rings are like an inseparable combination that has no other choice but to magically work together. The metal of the band is dictated by the engagement ring, platinum goes with platinum and gold follows the same rule. Its style, whether plain or intricate, has also to match the ring. Sometimes the engagement ring is too big and the band is barely noticeable which is a pity. In this case, a simple band is the best option to match a dazzling glamorous ring.

Every ring you create is unique but since the launch of your brand Perouse, what models have become your best-seller and why?  

Our brides are taking inspiration from the Venice solitaire ring for its popular shape, and also from our range of romantic and vintage-inspired models such as the Louise ring. The white ring is often asked due to its intricate timeless design that is evoking a delicate lace that cover your finger. 

Any last recommendation before visiting a jewelry store?

You will be surprised by how you get used to wear or try on stones. Don’t think too small! While in your 30’s you might want something discreet, it is likely that getting older, you will want something bigger!

Pérouse Paris Venise ring mounted on rose gold set with diamond
Pérouse Paris – Venise ring mounted on rose gold set with diamond
Pérouse Paris Bahia ring mounted on rose gold set with green sapphire and white diamonds
Pérouse Paris – Bahia ring mounted on rose gold set with green sapphire and white diamonds
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