A talk with Laurent Picciotto: What’s up with watches in Paris?

Laurent Picciotto, founder and owner of Chronopassion gives insights about the sell/buy energy in regards to watches during the actual climax. The end of 2015 was not so great … what can we expect for 2016 at the verge of the beginning of SIHH ?

Author By Eleonor picciotto

If you were to be in Paris, and if your ultimate wish was to buy a watch, one address will make your dream come true.

Chronopassion, 271 Rue St-Honoré – 75001 Paris offers a wide and ecclectic selection of timepieces (for men or women…) whose reputation has grown over the years since its creation in 1988.

Said to be one of the most influential watch retailer in the world, Laurent Picciotto answered a few questions in regards to the actual Parisian climax shortly after the Paris attacks that occured on November 13th.

What is the current watch trend?

Classic pieces that have a twist of contemporary. A timeless piece that is paradoxically new. Moser would be the best example!

One timepiece not to miss for this end of the year?

Although there are very different, Audemars Piguet and MB&F are two talking brands that have the wind in its sails. AP has a strong identity where MB&F has a strong creativity… a path not as experimented by other brands !

What is the trigger enabling the sale?

Emotion becomes overwhelming due to the selection of pieces we present our clients.

Considering the actual climax in Paris, how is the business going?

Tough as most of our clientele is abroad… we have to do some remote work to make up for the physical absence of clients.

What is the difference between a parisian client and a foreign client?

Only 10% of our clients are Parisians. French clients take more time, think differently and need to visit the store and try the piece on several times before buying it. Money is the first factor, cultural behavior is another one.

What is your thought on jewelry?

Not an expert on the topic, however we have seen a good development on men’s jewelry. Some brands make very cool pieces with great creativity !

If the watch industry were to die, what would be the reason?

Connected watches of course ! We managed to survive with the Quartz not sure we’ll succeed this time…

What element would cease your activity?

Distribution ! The policy of the major brands is changing, but since we have a majority of Independant brands we may stay alive.

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