For heaven sake’s of jewelry, find out who wore what at the 2018 Met Gala

Met Gala 2018 Cardi B, Rihanna and Blake

Yesterday, the MET GALA or the most-coveted annual NY Event hosted by Anna Wintour took place in the legendary MET Museum located on Fifth Avenue where celebrities  were dressed following the theme « Heavenly Bodies » crossing Fashion to Catholic Imagination.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Beforehand and for the most privileged, the guests could enjoy a private tour of the Met’s Museum new Costume Institute exhibit unveiled at the beginning of the night. « Heavenly Bodies : Fashion and the Catholic Imagination »  was the theme and highly respected dress code for the sacred 2018 MET GALA.  The museum had the allure of the Sistine Chapel Sacristy where guests took inspiration in Game of Thrones and The Young Pope series for the holistic outfits. Celebrities working alongside with talented designers must have had a lot of fun and imagination in picking and crafting their outfits for the ball.

As a matter of fact nuns, cardinals and Joan of Arc styles were spotted traipsing down the Red Carpet amongst devil looks, angel faces, and baroque creatures coming from the Ancient era. Cross pendants, bejeweled veils and dazzling gowns surprised the audience once and for all. There was a feeling of a Versace or Dolce Gabbana DNA topped with a hint of Jean-Paul Gaultier or Margiela in the gowns yet, it was harder to spot the signature of most jewels. And if Lorraine Schwartz won (again) the jewelry battle, other fine and high jewelry designers shared the flashlights of the photographers and paparazzis.

Badgalriri made quite an entrance with her custom Martin Margiela by John Galliano dazzling dress mixing her jewelry between the institutional house of Cartier and new designer Maria Tash (who became famous for her piercing bars) and she even topped her look with an accessory from the genius but late- Judith Leiber. Zoe Kravitz pulled off Jacob & Co. massive earrings and so did Cindy Crawford. Blake Lively was dazzling in Lorraine Schwartz but it’s Gigi Hadid who won the battle in wearing $5 Million worth of Schwartz jewels !  Her sister Bella was spotted in black and fully adorned with Chrome Hearts jewels. Hailee Steinfeld pulled off a Tasaki tiara adorned with white Japanese Akoya pearls when Diane Kruger covered her face with a custom Philip Treacy by Tasaki pearl-accented lace headpiece. Super-pregnant and over-glamorous Cardi B almost stole the show to Rihanna with her Jeremy Scott dress and Moschino crown.

In times where women don’t take the chance nor have the opportunity to pull of princess gowns and jewelry anymore, it is thanks to Anna Wintour and the MET GALA that every year fashion and jewelry designers from around the globe offer and expand their creativity for a purpose we all enjoy watching… as if we were expecting the event like a sacred divinity.

Rihanna Met Gala 2018 dress by Martin Margiela by John Galliano with Cartier and Maria Tash Jewelry
Cartier & Maria Tash – Rihanna wore Cartier Crucifix Pendant ciraca 1936 and White Gold Diamond Double Sided Apsara Clicker rings and a White Gold Diamond Marquise Scalloped Eternity
Zoé Kravitz Met Gala 2018 with Loraine Schwartz
Jacob & Co. – Zoe Kravitz wore Jacob & Co. Earrings 
Blake Lively met Gala 2018 wearing Loraine Schwartz Jewelry
Lorraine Schwartz – Blake Lively wore custom made halo with over a 100 carats of champagne diamonds custom made colombian emeralds and diamond dagger earrings and ruby rings
Gigi Hadid Met Gala 2018 wearing 5 million worth of Loraine Schwartz Jewels
Lorraine Schwartz – Gigi Hadid wore 50 carat champagne and intensepink diamond earrings
Bella Hadid Met Gala 2018 wearing Chrome Hearts Jewels
Chrome Hearts – Bella Hadid wore a gold cross necklace by Chrome Hearts
Hailee Steinfeld Met Gala 2018 wearing Tasaki Tiara adorned with white Japanese Akoya Pearls
TASAKI – Hailee Steinfeld wore the TASAKI Atelier tiara and pearls and multiple neckalaces
Met Gala 2018 Diane Kruger waering a custom Philip Treacy by Tasaki pearl-accented lace headpiece
Philip Treacy x TASAKI – Diane Kruger wore a headpiece with a veil by Philip Treacy x TASAKI
Met Gala 2018 Cardi B wearing Jeremy Scott dress and a Moschino Crown
Chanel  – Cardi B wore vintage earrings from Chanel
Kerry Washington Met Gala 2018 wearing Lorraine Schwartz jewelry
Lorraine Schwartz – Kerry Washington wore a bronzed gold headpiece and diamonds ring by Lorraine Schwartz
Madonna Met Gala 2018 Wearing Lana Jewelry and Narcisa Pheres Jewelry
Lana Jewelry, Narcisa Pheres Jewelry and Jacob & Co. – Madonna wore 7 LANA Jewelry crosses including custom MET black gold Crossary Earring, diamonds earring by Narcisa Pheres and Onyx Rosary with diamonds by Jacob & Co.
Zendaya Met Gala 2018
Tiffany & Co. – Zendaya wore the new Tiffany Paper Flowers collection and Tiffany diamond designs
Arianna Grande Met Gala 2018 wearing Butani Jewels
Butani – Ariana Grande wore diamonds studs
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Met Gala 2018 wearing Chopard Jewels
Chopard – Kylie Jenner wore Chopard diamond earrings featuring two 5-carat cushion-cut diamonds set in platinum
Jennifer Lopez Met Gala 2018 wearing tiffany & Co. jewelry
Tiffany & Co. – Jennifer Lopez wore Tiffany diamonds earrings
Cara delevingne Met Gala 2018 wearing Noudar Jewelry
Noudar – Cara Delevingne wore a thorn bush ring and a diamond kaff
Winnie Harlow Met Gala 2018 wearing white gold set with diamonds High jewelry Necklace by Bvlgari
Bvlgari – Winnie Harlow wore a gold and diamond bracelet, a white gold and diamond ring, two platinum rings, a ring set with tanzanite and diamonds and a white gold necklace with diamonds
Kendall Jenner Met Gala wearing tiffany & Co. jewelry
Tiffany & Co. – Kendall Jenner wore  platinum and diamond earrings from the new Tiffany Paper Flowers collection
Lily Aldridge Met Gala 2018 wearing Bvlgari jewelry
Bvlgari – Lily Aldridge wore Bvlgari High Jewelry collection
Emily Ratajkowski Met Gala 2018 wore Messika Jewelry
Messika – Emily Ratajkowski wore the High Jewelry MissTaylor long necklace and High Jewelry May Ray necklace
Selena Gomez Met Gala 2018 wore tiffany & Co Jewelry
Tiffany & Co. – Selena Gomez wore diamonds and colored gemstones by Tiffany & Co.
Fred Leighton Scarlette johansson wore vintage ruby and diamond earrings
Fred Leighton – Scarlette Johansson wore vintage ruby and diamond earrings
Αlicia Vikander Met Gala 2018 Nikos Koulis
Nikos Koulis – Αlicia Vikander wore white diamond earrings and rings from the new Oui collection and the one of kind shield cut tennis bracelet
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