Piaget’s most exquisite high-jewelry pieces

Piaget Golden Oasis

Piaget’s Golden Oasis collection, an absolute ode to nature, invites us on a journey to the heart of the desert. Arid scenescapes bathed in sunlight interwoven with lush oasis dreamscapes, nature center stages its immaculate contrasts.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Golden Hour necklace

The golden hour or the precise moment just before sunset and just after sunrise. These few magical instants where the sun warms more than it dazzles. Piaget has perfectly captured the subtlety of this elusive light through a series of jewelry pieces harmonizing yellow diamonds’ warmth and white diamonds’ glow. Special mention for the Golden Hour necklace set with a central 6.63-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond, set off with two fan-shaped wings intermixing marquise-cut yellow and white diamonds.

Piaget - "Golden Hour" necklace adorned with a yellow diamond and white diamonds
Piaget – “Golden Hour” necklace adorned with a yellow diamond and white diamonds

Desert Sunbow earrings

The ultimate intensity of the sun at its zenith captured in a pair of flamboyantly-colored earrings. Piaget enchants with this creation marrying diamonds, red spinels, rubies and pink sapphires.

Piaget – “Desert Sunbow” earrings set with diamonds, red spinels, rubies and sapphires

Blue Waterfall ring

The Blue Waterfall series pays tribute to nature’s hidden treasures; these sources of water nestling at the very heart of impressive rows of rocks. To conjure up these cataracts of crystal-clear water, Piaget’s gemologist chose a cushion-cut Sri Lankan blue sapphire whose bed extends with two cascades of blue sapphires and white diamonds mixed together.

Piaget - Blue Waterfall ring set with sapphires and diamonds
Piaget – “Blue Waterfall” ring set with sapphires and diamonds

Luxuriant Oasis necklace

Last halt in this desert-like landscape where the Luxuriant Oasis series whisks us off into an Eden of peacefulness, where nature reigns supreme. The Luxuriant Oasis necklace, imitating the movement of leaves lulled by the wind, innovates with its delicate curves adorned with 177 marquise-cut emeralds and 172 brilliant-cut diamonds. The extra little something? The detachable 3-carat pear diamond set at the very tip of the necklace. To be worn on its own on a white gold chain for an ever-so casual look.

Piaget - Lush Oasis Necklace set with emeralds and a diamond
Piaget – “Luxuriant Oasis” Necklace set with emeralds and a diamond
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