From the initial design to the last finishes and the conceptual forms to the way the pieces gracefully embrace the wearer’s form – it’s the crème of the crop of high-end jewelry.

At Piaget jewelry-making is more than just a calling and a mission – it is a demanding passion. Carrying the boldest concepts to fruition, the brand is known for maintaining one of the most exacting standards of qualities for its watches and jewel pieces.

Continuously revisiting familiar themes and situating them within a contemporary context, Piaget’s designers are able to realize an enchanting blend of historical legacy and modern relevance in statement creations that transcend time and trends. Each design is deeply emotional and strongly sensual – an explosion of vivid colours, caressing forms and brilliant luminance. With an expert handle on functionality and luxury Piaget’s jewellery mesmerizes and inspires with its originality and striking beauty.

Careful play on nuances and impeccable combination of stones, materials and shapes brings exoticism and escapism in their purest form. Every collection shines with outstanding stylistic features that accentuate the profusion of diamonds, which is pure poetry in motion. From the cleaner, more architectural Possession line to the seductively festive and opulent Limelight range – every composition boasts remarkable craftsmanship and aesthetics.

From its humble origin in the Swiss Alps by the visionary Georges Édouard Piaget to its contemporary status of a leading global brand – Piaget has left a lasting mark on the world of high-end jewellery and luxury watches through perseverance, fine engineering and pioneering spirit. Always pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities, the mastery of centuries-old know-how is perfectly displayed through alluring symmetry, sensual harmony and exuberant luxury.

Reinforcing the precious nature of Earth’s finest creations, Piaget’s designers have become true masters in their capability to convey pure emotion through matter. Playfulness and sensuality shine through the expert craftsmanship and elegant composition of the ethereal designs.

Jessica Chastain wearing a Piaget cuff
Piaget Bracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds and turquoise 
PiagetBracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds and turquoise 
Piaget Possession ring mounted on rose gold with white diamonds 
PiagetPossession ring mounted on rose gold with white diamonds 
Piaget Secrets and Lights cuff 
PiagetSecrets and Lights cuff 
Piaget Piaget Altiplano enamel watch
PiagetPiaget Altiplano enamel watch


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