Laura Medine

Magical creations take inspiration from nature’s pure, clean forms in Laura Medine’s one-of-a-kind creations that inspire and mesmerize.

Born into a family of diamond and coloured stone traders, Laura Medine set out on a lifetime dream to create jewelry that transcends time and fleeting trends. Exploring the transformative powers of gemstones, her pieces have a profound emotional and physical effect on the wearer.
Her instinctual eye for elite style and design defines the creative path of the brand’s identity and shines through in the unique pieces. The designs blossom into enchanting and sophisticated collections that have an entrancing power over the wearer. She imprints her personal beliefs and passion for life on every single one of her creations, so that they appeal to the warm, tender feminine nature.
The unique collections display a prominent use of two exclusive stones – Alexandrite and Moonstone – whose rarity and enchanting allure gives the pieces an ethereal feel. Laura Medine discovered the stone thanks to her husband, jewelry designer Mark Henry. With the timeless and classic designs – Laura’s jewelry exudes sophistication and elegance. The extensive assortment of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bangles are hand-crafted in New York to extremely high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The stones are selected with care and are set with 18k gold and platinum. Her DNA style are sun, moon and stars designs. Other collections draw inspiration from the earthly, tender beauty of tulips, flowers, butterflies and other types of insects. Laura Medine’s deeply rooted passion and love for fashion (her daughter is Leandra, founder of The Man Repeller) is evident in her jewelry compositions that are intertwined and involved in this world.
The brand’s sense of style is romantic, feminine and classical and appeals to the taste of the modern woman, who wants practical, elegant and fashionable jewelry that wears well with everything. Inspired by nature and the state of being in harmony with one’s self, Laura creates designs that are aesthetically pleasing in a dynamic and unusual way – different than traditional and classic shapes that are so common on the market.

Laura Medine Jewelry Designer
Laura Medine
Laura Medine Confetti Ring
Laura MedineConfetti ring
Laura Medine Celestial earrings
Laura MedineCelestial earrings
Laura Medine Taj Mahal bracelet
Laura MedineTaj Mahal bracelet
Laura Medine Shakers necklace with champagne diamonds
Laura MedineShakers necklace with champagne diamonds

Laura Medine

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