A talk with Laura Sayan, the Armenian jewelry designer who brings you down her fall (in love) into semi-precious stones

Interview with Laura Sayan the jewelry designer

The fine jeweler is part of a new designer crop who elevates semi-precious stones into everyday luxury. Whilst shooting in Paris her new collection, The Eye of Jewelry sat down with Laura Sayan to talk about her inspirations and upcoming enviable creations.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Dear Laura, you are here to shoot your new collection, can you introduce it to us?

I am very enthusiastic about this second line which comes with new chokers, engraved medals, bouton earrings; a new addition of delicate and utterly wearable timeless pieces.

You have also conceived a special range of power bracelets dedicate to gemstones energy that will join us in the early stage of 2018; what make them so interesting to you?

This season has seen me obsessed with healing stones and gemstones meanings. I have always been a huge fan of semi-precious stones that I use in most of my creations. Now, I want to go further in the study of gem abilities and develop my knowledge in order to combine them while maximizing their effects.

Indeed, your jewels tones palette moves from precious diamonds to colorful sapphires, but also includes lots of semi-precious stones. How do you mix them?

Semi-precious gems are my favorite to bring brightness and relief to my jewels. I have no limit when it comes to stones, only the final result matters regarding the way I want to style my jewels. I will opt for a ruby to make it precious and elaborate, or choose onyx to create an edgy look.

Of course, no one can compete with the sparkling of a white diamond, but a grey one can really turn a ring into a sophisticate yet affordable piece.

Laura Sayan jewelry designer

Your collection is made of talisman jewelry revisited in a very feminine way, what did you want to express throughout your work?

When I started my first sketches, I have been instantly attracted to talisman pieces. They mean something special to me, such as the dream catcher and its traditional beliefs that come with it. My Armenian roots also bring me endless inspiration to create mystical-inspired pieces that exude a modern feminity. This is this constant search of balance between tradition and modernity that guide my work.

If we look back a second: it is only one year that you debut in jewelry with a successful oriental inspired line. What have been your biggest challenge ?

A: Actually, the hardest thing was to send my first sketches to my workshop! I was really nervous about the final result and couldn’t stop asking me whether if the jewels will look like my designs…Thanks to my talented craftsmen, I was thrilled by the pieces.

Your fine jewelry line is already sold in luxury retailers from Paris to Monaco, what’s in the pipeline?

A: We are planning to develop the brand in Canada in 2018 and extend our retailers network in Europe, including in Switzerland as we are facing a strong demand. Retailers are key partners to get to know my clients every day much better and delight them with my refined easy to wear jewels!

Laura Sayan choker 3 necklaces multi sapphires
Laura Sayan – Chocker 3 necklaces mounted on yellow gold with multi-colored sapphires
Laura sayan medals yellow gold
Laura Sayan – Medals mounted on yellow gold
laura sayan coeur rose necklace gold heart diamonds
Laura Sayan – Coeur Rose necklace mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Laura sayan necklace choker pampille lapis lazuli yellow gold
Laura Sayan – Pampilles choker mounted on yellow gold with lapis lazuli
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