The girl to follow : Elisa Nataf, creator of Lisonia

Since 2008, Lisonia has been creating collections that seduce with their timeless charm and the fluidity of their lines. A name to remember for fans of second skin jewelry.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Selections of rings from the Symbol collection – Lisonia

The love of jewelry as a heritage

When we ask how she came to jewelry, Elisa Nataf spontaneously evokes her childhood memories. Hours spent looking at her Italian grandmother’s jewelry box, which was full of treasures. It was her grandmother who gave her her first piece, a ring adorned with a heart-shaped topaz, mounted on a yellow gold band, which she still wears today. If for Elisa, jewelry is linked to love and amazement, it is also linked to seduction. At the time, the teenager was trying to attract the attention of one of her classmates. Complicit of her thoughts, her grandmother lent her a pair of daisy-shaped earrings set with emeralds and rubies so that her crush would notice her.  “It just happened that the sun was working in my favor that day. By making the stones shine, the earrings created reflections on the wall, which made the whole class react!” smiles Elisa. An initiative that will not make the unanimity of the teachers, which will sanction the audacious pupil of 48 hours of exclusion, but it does not matter ” he came to see me after class, and the romance started “.


Large Tourbillon ring in gold and diamonds – Lisonia

From gemmology to creation

With her baccalaureate in hand, Elisa began her training at the Institut National de la Gemmologie in Paris. With one of her professors, who was passionate about expertise, she goes from an auction room to another to better observe antique jewelry pieces and to exercise her eye. “I still remember an inkpot with two emeralds of 100 carats each, a truly extraordinary piece,” she says. For her specialization, Elisa opts for the diamond, her favorite stone. “I love the light that emanates from it, it is a chameleon stone that reflects better than anyone the colors that surround it. For me, it is the queen of stones”. With her diploma in hand, Elisa joined the workshop of a diamond dealer. She stayed there for ten years, climbing the steps one by one. A formative stage, which allowed the young woman to envisage a future where creation would have its place. “I have always loved designing jewelry, transcribing my desires onto paper, whether in terms of wear or shape.  At Lisonia, geometry holds an important place in the sources of inspiration, which coexist with the influence of painting and the impressionist movement. The oval and the pear are her favorite shapes, which she declines through her flagship collections such as Tourbillon, Dentelle or Darling.  For the latter, Elisa wanted to play with accumulation of stones on rings that she twists, depending on the version, with colored stones, such as malachite, tiger’s eye or lapis lazuli. “I create jewelry for every day, because for me the jewel finishes an outfit, just like a drop of perfume or a lipstick. This is what my customers are looking for. Chic, glamorous pieces, but always easy to wear. You have to open the door of her jewel box, nestled in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, to instantly understand what that means. We are then seduced by the delicacy of the lines, which give them this second skin effect. Under her hand, the full pavé is decomplexed, and is seen in a new light. “When it comes to jewelry, you have to trust your instincts and let the charm work” explains Elisa. A word to the wise…

Darling ring selection – Lisonia
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