French chic and old-school glamour define the artisan jeweler’s artistic unity that lies behind the brand’s prestige and signature style. Applying a new strategy to the brand, Mauboussin becomes a younger brand with younger prices.

Unrivalled in their exquisite Art Deco and Retro jewelry, the French house of Mauboussin has been favored by American women in their ever-lasting search to obtain a little piece of European glamour and elegance. Their uncanny ability to create contemporary jewelry that defies the conformist trends of the industry has resulted in spectacular pieces that cemented the brand’s reputation as one of the five global jewellery brands.

Diversity is at the very core of Mauboussin’s philosophy with each collection centring on a different gemstone and working to bring out and enhance its innate beauty – emeralds, rubies and diamonds are generously used to convey an ideal of luxurious decadence and eclectic affluence. Vividly-coloured gemstones are the brand’s signature trademark as they demonstrate the designer’s bold vision and desire to experiment with forms and nuances without shying back from eccentric combinations.

Icons like Marlene Dietrich and Paulette Godard have found in the face of Mauboussin’s jewelry – that very timeless elegance and class that every woman should know the secret of as nothing better complements her mysterious, delicate and fleeting female nature. Their beloved collections – Bonbon, Le Premier Jour, Dream & Love, Etoiles, Eternelles as well as all others – feature gentle and enchantingly intricate ring designs that have become the brand’s most recognizable item in France and abroad. A wide combination of beaded treads of gold and silver and precious stones create the signature rings, pendants and earrings that complement a woman’s natural beauty and sense of style seamlessly and without overshadowing it.

Integrating modern influences into traditional French avant-garde jewellery is the secret behind Mauboussin’s ethereal and artistic creations that transcend time and trends. The strong individuality of the brand continues to grow stronger and define its creative journey in exploring new and exciting combinations of design and crafting.

Mauboussin's Store
MauboussinSex and love earrings mounted on white gold with sapphires
MauboussinL'Etoile du demon ring mounted on black ceramic, white gold with diamonds
MauboussinValentin for you bracelet mounted on white gold with diamonds 
MauboussinVoyage de noces necklace mounted on white gold with emeralds and diamonds


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