Mikimoto, pearl master. The Japanese brand has established more than a legacy over the years, transforming the brand into the first jeweler crafting pearls. The gift of a lifetime in the form of ethereal and captivating jewelry transcends seasons, fashion, and time with the reflection of classic elegance, sophistication and style.

Cutting-edge Western design and Japanese artisan traditions come together for a unique blend of impeccable craftsmanship, ancient inspiration and contemporary manufacturing techniques. Embarking on a quest for perfection, Mikimoto has succeeded in becoming the go-to jewelry house for exceptional pieces of superior quality at every stage.

From the selection of the finest materials to their careful incorporation into surreal compositions with distinctive dedication, passion and care – Mikimoto is name well-known amongst modern connoisseurs of fine jewelry. Their signature pieces bring a unique and luxurious pleasure – a gift to the senses as well as the eyes. Reflecting on the purity of Nature’s elements is an art that has been mastered and taken to a new height through their uncompromising pursuit of perfection and harmony.

Built upon the very noble and inspirational mission of one visionary man, the Mikimoto name has always stood for the best quality of pearl intermingled  with elegance and bespoke style. Kokichi Mikimoto will remain in history for being the first person to successfully culture a pearl and for marking the beginning of a brand that combines in itself an environmentally conscientious approach to manufacturing as well as a burning desire to capture and tame the innate beauty of the elements.

Their collections represent a powerfully subtle fusion of quality and design by incorporating traditional Japanese craftsmanship and European finesse. Classic, contemporary, featuring coloured diamonds or cultivated pearls – each range recognizes and gleefully displays the opulence of the precious stones and materials chosen in an opulent blend of sights and sensations.

In search of the superior quality and design, Mikimoto achieves the impossible – jewelry that is the very embodiment of indelible timelessness and elegance situated within contemporary context.

Mikimoto - Collier Sunset
MikimotoMikimoto - Collier Sunset
Mikimoto Hyacynthia necklace
MikimotoHyacynthia necklace
Mikimoto Prestige bracelet 
MikimotoPrestige bracelet 
Mikimoto Ribbon earrings
MikimotoRibbon earrings
Mikimoto Four Seasons Spring ring
MikimotoFour Seasons Spring ring


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