A talk with Søren Lynggaard, CEO of Ole Lynggaard, the fine jewelry brand handmade with love and Copenhagen based

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The family-run Danish jewelry brand known for its sophisticated, yet modern jewelry has just unveiled a new jewelry collection entitled Cranes. Last week in Paris, The Eye of Jewelry had the chance to meet with Søren Lynggaard, son of the founder Ole Lynggaard, who introduced these amazing new pieces.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry: What is the collection inspired by?

Soren Lynggaard: The new line is inspired by the Cranes which happen to be graceful terrestrial birds from the Guidae family known for their beauty but also known to elaborate courtship dances. It’s during a trip to Japan in the sixties that my father, Ole Lynggaard, discovered how much this wading bird was important in their culture. Cranes are sacred creatures that symbolize fidelity and love, that’s why you find them everywhere, whether printed on kimonos or featured in paintings.

Ole Lynggaard - Cranes Earring
Ole Lynggaard – Cranes Earring

TEOFJ:How long did it take to design this collection?

SL: It took almost three years. My father has drawn countless sketches and spent hours on modeling cranes in order to make sure that their movements were truly recreated in our fine jewelry pieces. To be honest, Cranes have given us a hard time as my father wanted them to be both voluminous and light, but we managed to fulfill his requirement! We are proud of this new collection that exudes the craftsmanship of our brand.

TEOFJ: What is your favorite piece of the collection and why?

SL: The collection is made of one pendant earring, three rings and one brooch. I love the contrast between the white and yellow gold of each piece: yellow for the body and white for the head and wings. If I had to keep one, I would pick the earring pendant that could be worn single or paired with a diamond stud. There is no one like this long-legged diamond bird to grace your ear! 

TEOFJ: How can you describe the style of your brand? 

SL: My father has always been keen on the animal theme, which has led to the famous Snake and Elephant collections, while my sister Charlotte is more inspired by the beauty of flora. Our  Nature collection is the epitomy of her organic style and celebrates Mother Nature’s breathtaking creations. They are both in charge of the creative direction and cherish our brand’s heritage for refined pieces inspired by Earth. Whether it is born from the imagination of my father or my sister, our jewelry pieces are recognizable and perfectly match each other.

Ole Lynggaard Cranes Ring
Ole Lynggaard – Cranes Ring
Ole Lynggaard - Cranes Brooch
Ole Lynggaard – Cranes Brooch
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