Pascale Monvoisin

Seemingly conflicting sources of inspiration come together in a harmonious blend of precious stones and materials in balanced and emblematic jewels that Pascale Monvoisin has been developing for the past 7 years.

Often associated with the warm, carefree allure of the West Coast and the Californian beaches – Pascale Monvoisin finds her true inspiration in the rebellious, trend-setting time of the 60’s and 70’s. This is a nostalgic emotion that her jewelry brilliantly recreates the underlying motifs of aesthetic shock that defined several generations.

Pieces that resonate with the radiant femininity of the wearer – this is the core concept behind the designs at Pascale Monvoisin and one she’s deeply passionate about. Her brand is one to follow various styles and conceptual aesthetics. Rough and refined designs are explored in their full spectrum through the use of exclusive organic materials for the ultimate urban, mystical and bohemian feel – a true alchemy of beautiful contrasts.

Her passion for mixing halftones to explore the full potential of the fluidity of colors as well as masterfully using nudes to accentuate other nuances has become a signature trademark of Pascale Monvoisin. The process of blending and playing with tones reveals the creative genius and daring vision behind her jewelry-making techniques.

The ethos of Pascale Monvoisin’s brand is defined by the exploration of new horizons in the universe jewelry. Distinctive cultural influences, fleeting emotional moments, underground references and artistic hype are among some of the wildly varied ingredients that comprise the highly successful formula of the creative zest behind Pascale’s inspiration and visionary style.

Her collections are as diverse and unexpected as the designer’s infinite sources of inspiration, ranging from heavier baroque-inspired pieces to textured, stylized designs that celebrate singularity. The combination of precious stones, lurex, leather, feathers and other unorthodox materials creates a look of bohemian rock that is surprisingly sensual and delicate – as ever-changing as the female nature.

Pascale Monvoisin
Pascale MonvoisinLara turquoise ring mounted on rose gold with turquoises
Pascale MonvoisinBowie ring mounted on rose gold with turquoise and gold bezeled bone 
Pascale Monvoisin Thelma M Tursquoise bracelet mounted on golden metal and fine gold plated with incrusted turquoise
Pascale MonvoisinThelma M Tursquoise bracelet mounted on golden metal and fine gold plated with incrusted turquoise
Pascale MonvoisinBelleville turquoise necklace

Pascale Monvoisin

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