Why adorn yourself with the January birthstone?

January birthstone is the garnet, a powerful symbol of energies. The editors explain in detail why this birthstone will help you with both emotional and physical benefits.

Author By Justine Dupont-Martin

To start the year off right, what better way than with a colorful gemstone? Dark red, sometimes chocolate or vermilion, the birthstone of January is not to be confused with the raspberry-red ruby. Garnet can be green, yellow or orange, however, this gem is known for its reddish brown tones.

Garnet is said to stimulate the vital organs such as the heart. It purifies the blood, removes toxins, improves blood circulation and blood pressure. This is why this gem is considered “blood”.

The birthstone of January would help develop self-confidence and thus have the courage to undertake. A stone of joy, strength and grounding, garnet would also ward off negative energies and bring you tone and vitality. Be careful though, if you are angry by nature, garnet would not suit you, it is a stone of calm and serenity, that could transform its positive virtues into negative!

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