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A talk with Nawal Laoui, the founder of Persee Paris, the brand that turns precious diamonds into vibrant skin jewels

Persee interview earrings yellow gold diamonds blue

Catching her during the crazy trunk show season, The Eye of Jewelry sat down for an interview with Nawal Laoui, founder of the young jewelry label Persee Paris that woo us with its dramatically modern approach of fashion jewelry: piercing directly the diamond.  

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

In less than 10 months, Persee Paris has already collaborated with the French concept store Colette and managed to catch the attention of the fashion sphere. A meteoric ascent for the Young Parisian jewelry brand and it might be only the beginning.

Persee Fibule earring yellow gold diamond
Persee Paris – Fibule earring mounted on yellow gold with a diamond

The Eye of Jewelry- You have been in the jewelry and watchmaking business for a few years before launching Persee Paris. What inspired you to make the transition?

Nawal Laoui- Actually, just after graduating from my MBA in luxury management, I worked for iconic brands such as Fabergé and Audemars Piguet where I learnt all about marketing and commercial luxury approach. In between two jobs, I experimented a world tour that opened my eyes. This got me thinking about what I wanted to do and express through my work and that’s the way I began the transition.

About your travel, you said that visiting Japan has been a key point to your creative journey. Can you tell us more?

While in Tokyo, I have discovered the traditional techniques of high skilled artisans and specifically the pierced diamond method. I have been mesmerized by their unique and delicate approach of jewelry that definitely inspired me for Persee Paris.

Your jewelry brand Persee Paris seems to merge your main sources of inspiration, from contemporary art to mythology?

Yes, as a matter of fact Persee Paris is a joyful mix of things that I love and that define me. The name of Persee has been chosen for its mythological references (Persee god that was born under a gold rain) but was also a way to play with the concept of the “pierced” diamond, a unique cut that gives the feeling that the precious stone is floating on your skin.

The brand is also incarnated by its Klein blue color that both evokes Greek mythology but also the Mediterranean Sea that is strongly linked to my Moroccan roots.

Your Fibula design has made a statement. Where it comes from and what makes it so particular?

The Fibula pattern is inspired by North African fibulae that Berber women wore to fix their dresses in Morocco as an ancestor of the safety pins. I turned the pattern into a sleek geometrical inspired piece made in 18 karat gold. I would say that contemporary art influences my work whilst pushing me to revisit things with a modern twist. In a kind of way, the Fibula sums up Persee Paris creative guideline of designing sleek, highly desirable but affordable diamond pieces that immediately become one with your skin.

You will release in early March your second collection; can you tell us a bit more?

This line has been influenced by Matisse artwork. These inspirations led me to conceive new design of earrings with curved lines that you can wear solo or by pair, depending on your mood. I have also tried new materials such as a revisited fishing line to go further in the idea of styling diamond like a tattoo.

What can we expect from Persee Paris in the future?

Finally, a new website to experience shopping on www.persee-paris.com! I am also thrilled about the upcoming creative collaborations with fashion icons such as Chiara Ferragni and Lana El Sahely.…And I keep fingers crossed that 2018 make my dream come true of opening my very own shop in Paris…who knows what the future brings?!

Persee 8 earring yellow gold diamond
Persee Paris – “8” earring mounted on yellow gold with a diamond
Persee 8 earring diamond yellow gold
Persee Paris – “8” earring mounted on yellow gold with a diamond