Italian creativity at its finest shines through in dazzling, original jewelry with strong personality and unmistakable style – a simple explanatiion of why women have been adoring Pomellato for decades !

Emerging boldly on the international jewelry scene, Pomelatto has quickly gained worldwide recognition as a brand pursuing perfection, innovation and inspiration. Combining fine Italian craftsmanship with highly-ornate and sinuous designs, they are able to achieve a new height of luxury and refined elegance.

Born out of Pino Rabolini’s passion for capturing and playing with the many facets of beauty in an infinite combination of  stones, shapes, colours – Pomelatto encompasses the expertise of several generations of goldsmiths as well as one person’s tireless mission for achieving  impeccable artisan manufacture. Through superb technical know-how and uncompromising execution the brand has gained worldwide recognition as the fifth jewelry company in Europe and a name synonymous for creativity and strong individuality.

Drawing inspiration from Italy’s centuries-old artisan traditions as well as the multifaceted beauty of life itself, Rabolini managed to carve a brand that is as visionary as it is tied to its heritage and traditions. Today, over 100 goldsmiths at the headquarters in Milan work towards incorporating Pomelatto’s ethos into the modern century.

Each collection is designed in a way that intensifies the best features of the precious stones and metals used – blending them into one superb mix of colour, shape and style. Tango – the brand’s most coveted line – is a surreal composition of diamond pavé on a burnished background that truly conveys old moviestar glamour and elegance. Capri is a daringly fun, bright and sunny line that exploits beautifully the power of contrasts and iridescent reflections in structures of rose gold.

Pomelatto’s pieces explore and beautifully play with the light of diamonds while pushing the creative boundaries of volume, shape and shade. Classic and refined European style intertwined with Oriental opulence in a decadent blend of pure indulgence.

Pomellato Iconica pendants mounted on rose gold
PomellatoIconica pendants mounted on rose gold
PomellatoRitratto Black Tuxedo


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