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Sharing : Links forging new links.
A human story around jewelry.
And pieces of jewelry crafted with passion, soul and history.

Sharing is the incredible story of Ngawang, Yangzom and Sangmo, three Tibetan nuns who got arrested in their monastary for participating to a pacifist demonstration against Chinese occupation.

They were sentenced without a proper trial to serve a long sentence in the Drapchi prison of Lhassa in Tibet.

Exhiled in India, they will learn to craft delicate yet unique jewelry made of fine stones set on threads.

Since 2008, they have been political refugees in Belgium to keep on working on the Sharing jewelry project allowing new collaborations, new creations and new encounters.

A group of Tibetan women from Dharamsala and a family of artisans from Cashmire created an association for support.

The humane story around Sharing keeps on going.

Sharing pendant


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